Medical Study Examines Woman Who Sees Reptilian/Dragon-like Faces on People

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This is a fascinating case study of what many are calling a medical anomaly – a woman who apparently for her entire life has seen people’s faces change into dragon/reptilian-like faces.

An article from our friends at All News Pipeline titled “Medical Mystery! The Woman Who Saw Reptilian ‘Dragon-Like Faces’” [1] by Susan Duclos explains:

A fascinating medical case study published in The Lancet recently, titled “Prosopometamorphopsia and facial hallucinations,” it presents a 52 year-old woman that went to a psychiatric outpatient clinic and reported a life-long history of seeing “people’s faces change into dragon-like faces,” described as “Black, grew long, pointy ears and a protruding snout, and displayed a reptiloid skin and huge eyes in bright yellow, green, blue, or red.”

A number of tests were performed, including a Neurological examination, blood tests, and electroencephalogram (EEG), all of which came back normal and a MRI Brain scan that shown “only a few white-matter abnormalities,” which are not listed as the cause of what she had been seeing all her life.

Eventually the woman was put on rivastigmine, an anti-dementia medication, which seemed to mostly vanquish her “dragons.”

More at Discover Magazine and The Nerdist.



[1] Medical Mystery! The Woman Who Saw Reptilian “Dragon-Like Faces”

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