Hunter Biden Caught Sneaking Into White House From Marine One

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Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden was caught sneaking into the White House from Marine One with his Father Joe Biden on Tuesday after ignoring a Congressional subpoena last week.

Hunter was seen exiting Marine One from a Delaware retreat even though his name was not included on the passenger manifest according to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich said: “Peter Doocy noticed someone hop off the chopper who was not on the passenger list the White House gave us: Hunter Biden. So Hunter Biden is here at the White House after defying the Congressional subpoena while being indicted.

InfoWars reports: When asked why the White House didn’t include Hunter Biden on the list of people traveling with Joe Biden, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed she had to “double check” the reason

The real answer lies with the negative optics associated with Hunter.

Hunter delivered a speech on Capitol Hill portraying himself as the victim rather than obey a lawful subpoena to appear before the House Oversight Committee for a deposition.

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Sunday that the White House would prefer if Hunter would just “go away” because his legal troubles are complicating Joe Biden’s reelection campaign.

“Look, I think If you’re sitting in the White House right now, you’re like, ‘Please, Hunter Biden, we know your dad loves you. Please stop talking in public,’” Psaki said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Hunter faces up to 17 years in prison over 9 charges related to tax fraud in California and another 25 years for lying on a gun form about his drug abuse.

Hunter also faces contempt of Congress charges for defying the subpoena.

Notably, numerous Democrats and even Joe Biden himself said anyone who defies a congressional subpoena belongs in jail.

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