Mental Health Fears for Biden As He Offers Handshake to a Ghost

Fact checked
Biden shakes hands with a ghost, sparking mental health fears

Joe Biden offered a handshake to a ghost in front of TV cameras on Thursday, sparking fears about his deteriorating mental health.

Biden was speaking at North Carolina A&T State University. As he concluded his remarks he turned around and offered a handshake to thin air. He then wandered around looking confused, before his handlers rescued him.


As can be seen in the video above, Biden clearly believed that somebody was right next to him.

After the attempt at a handshake with the invisible being, Biden wandered around the stage for a few seconds looking confused and disorientated.


  1. Only totally schizophrenic people actually communicate with imaginary people. So he’s eiker insane criminally insane or a fake Which makes him unfit to hold office Rather like Obomo and his pretend wife.

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