Merkel’s Gov’t Admits It Takes 12 German Taxpayers To Fund 1 Migrant

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According to figures released by Angela Merkel's German government, it takes 12 taxpayers to fund a single migrant.

One of the biggest secrets in Europe is the real cost of migration and especially the cost of one migrant. Our attention was brought to an article from Germany, in which the costs are calculated — and the results are disturbing.

Around 1.7 million people applied for asylum in Germany since 2014, but anyone who asks the government for the costs will be sent into a labyrinth of statistics and numbers designed to throw them off the scent, says the author, Wolfgang Bok.

Based on information released by Merkel’s government, the author says the annual cost, shouldered by the German taxpayer, is between 30 and 40 billion euros, and that is without including additional expenditures for kindergartens, schools, state funded healthcare, and extra police and judges to deal with increased migrant crime.

Citing figures released by Merkel’s Development Minister Gerd Müller, one million refugees costs the German government around 30 billion euros per year.

Let’s put it another way. Assuming Minister Müller’s figures are accurate (in reality, considering Gerd Müller is pro-refugee, the figures he released are likely to be conservative) each foreigner seeking refuge in Germany costs the taxpayer a whopping 30,000 euros per year, or 2,500 euros per month.

This corresponds to the tax burden of 12 average earners (it takes 12 average earners in tax class III to raise 3,000 euros for the government). For an unaccompanied juvenile migrant the costs are even higher. According to the author, they are closer to 5,000 euros per month — or 18 average earners’ monthly tax bills.

These disturbing figures are not even taking into account the unemployment benefits received by many refugees and migrants.

A large majority of migrants are currently not working and of the employed, most of them are interns or assistants. A large percentage of them do not have a school degree and many are illiterate, thus rendering them useless in the German economy, and destined to a lifetime of welfare dependence.

If I was a hardworking Bavarian taxpayer, I would be furious at how Angela Merkel and her government were spending my hard earned money.

Baxter Dmitry
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