19 Yr Old Student Dies In College Safety Drill

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A 19 year old Indian girl died after being forced to jump off a building during a disaster management drill.

The second-year BBA student died after hitting a railing when a fake disaster-preparedness trainer pushed her from the second floor of a building onto a net held by other students.

RT reports: The horrific incident at a private college in Coimbatore took place during a disaster management and first aid exercise on Thursday, which was organized by the school. Some 20 students took part in the drill, according to the video that captured the tragedy.


According to witnesses, the girl was hesitant to jump from the building, so the trainer eventually pushed her off, aiming for a safety het that was held by over a dozen of her fellow students. However, the girl reportedly hit her head on a railing as she fell from the second floor. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Authorities detained the 31-year-old trainer, identified as G. Arumugam, on charges of homicide. He initially claimed to be associated with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), but was later exposed as an impostor, according to The Hindu. On Friday, he told interrogators that he had conducted nearly 1,500 similar drills at various private colleges since 2011. The man will remain in custody until at least July 27, while authorities are deciding on charges against him and his associates.

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