NYPD Conducts ‘Active Shooter Drills’ In Subway Station

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NYPD conduct an active shooter drill in a New York subway on Sunday

Federal and local law enforcement agencies just so happen to be conducting various military drills along New York City’s subway system – on the day that the FBI are on high alert for potential ISIS attacks. The NYPD are conducting ‘active-shooter’ drills across Lower Manhattan. 

This is the first time the NYPD have held such drills at a subway station, which began at 4 a.m. involving ten arms of NYPD, including officers from the counter-terrorism unit.

Anyone out in New York City today, please be extra cautious on the subway system.

Abc7ny.com reports:

It simulated an active shooter on a subway platform with several people shot, including an NYPD officer.

The drills were planned prior to the attacks in Paris but were updated, with officials adding an attacker wearing a suicide vest.

The FBI, Secret Service, and Homeland Security all took part.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says the drill showed that the city is “fundamentally prepared.”

Police Commissioner William Bratton says exercises like the subway drill “are vitally necessary” and provide lessons for emergency responders.

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