Man Loses 6 Feet of Small Intestine Following COVID Jab

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Man loses 6 feet of small intestine due to covid jab injury

A Canadian man lost over six feet of his small intestine due to severe blood clots caused by the AstraZeneca Covid jab.

Horrific photos released by British Columbia resident Shaun Mulldoon, 43, earlier this week show the extent of his vaccine injury, which required several brutal surgeries just 10 days after his first dose.

The jab, taken on April 22, 2021, resulted in abdominal pain that progressed into severe stomach pain within days, causing him to vomit and pass blood. reports: Doctors later determined through D-dimer blood tests that Mulldoon had developed blood clots inside his stomach that needed to be removed, along with a damaged piece of his intestine.

Mulldoon described his situation, which was diagnosed as VITT (vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia), on Twitter.

Abdomen pain 10 days after vaccination with AZ. Spoke to my doctor that advised we wait it out. 5 days later severe pain, vomiting, and started to pass blood. Went to emergency. High d-dimer. CT scan x2. Some thought I had an infection, but opened me up and dead intestines.

In the middle of the night started to have abdominal pain. Threw up in the morning, then for the next few days constant abdominal pain. Barely ate all week, then 4 days later started to vomit again, the pain became incredibly severe, and I started to pass blood. Off to Hospital

My wife was getting pretty tired of me laying in bed and complaining about my stomach pain for 4 days. A colleague I work with said he hadnt seen me miss 4 days of work off sick in the 7 years we worked together. Then two days later I was in the icu

The vaccine caused my immune system to produce antibodies that activate platelets, which then clot. Doctors don’t know if I’ll ever stop producing them, so I may live as a blood clot risk the rest of my life. Losing some intestine was actually the easy part for doctors to treat.

Following my emergency exploratory surgery at 3am, when I lost approx 2m (6 feet) of my small intestines, due to a blood clot in my portal vein. The blue thing is a spacer, because they had to go back in for more.

I was a healthy 43 year old when I got my jab. Blood clots cut off circulation to my intestines. Lost 6 feet of small intestine. Now diagnosed with VITT and possibly on blood thinners rest of life due to clotting risk.

Mulldoon says despite having documents showing he’d been severely injured by the vaccine, he’s had a difficult time receiving reimbursement from Canada’s Vaccine Injury Support Program, which has only approved 8 cases for compensation out of 774 vaccine injuries reported as of writing.

Mulldoon received an exemption from further vaccinations, and now says he’s part of a research study into the causes of VITT.

Back in April, we reported on Scottish man Alex Mitchell’s horrific Covid-19 vaccine injury which sadly caused him to lose a leg after he too was diagnosed with VITT following his first AstraZeneca jab.

The shocking anecdotes provide additional evidence the Covid jabs are not “safe and effective” as purported by medical authorities.


  1. That’s not so bad A farmer I knew had the jab and do went blind in one eye and do they pulled it out for him and put a patch over it and sent him home On the way home he had to move a fallen tree out if the way on his drive way but bring disoriented and unused to the patch didn’t realize he had left the hand brake not on fully and rhe car rolled down and knocked him over, rolled over him and stopped on him, do he couldn’t get out No ime came down that drive way for days
    He had died eventually after being trapped there fir days.

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