Video: Scary? U.S. Approves “Transformer” Amphibious Spy Drone That Flies

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People across the world have been inundated with the concept of drones for the past few years.  What started as a novel concept is now being used regularly in war scenarios, for private use, and even for spying.

Google, Amazon and other companies are even planning an entire drone traffic control system with NASA.  With news on drones arriving on an almost daily basis, it is almost impossible to keep up with the constant “evolution” of drone technology.

That also means it is easier for the scarier side of drone tech to slip through the proverbial mainstream media cracks. today reported a rather startling piece of information that, had it been main a “mega” news story, it would have probably raised a lot of eyebrows.

As the report from TechTimes explained:  This past April, the United States Patent and Trademark Organization approved Boeing’s patent application to build a drone that is “adaptable for both flight and water travel.

The Drone Transformer

To some, a “transformer” amphibious flying drone seems innocent at first glance.  However, the implications for the use of such a drone in not only military, but also civilian situations is startling.

How would this drone work?  TechTimes explains:  Well, the magic is in all the different working parts. An underwater drone is launched atop an aircraft carrier and later released. Upon reaching the surface of the water, the smaller underwater drone sheds its superfluous and heavy parts (wings, air propellers, etc.) to optimize its hydrodynamic abilities. Imagine the scene of a space shuttle ejecting its excessive machinery upon entering the orbit.

When submerged, these detached parts would be replaced with a new set of underwater propellers and various control surfaces to help maneuver it. There is also a buoyancy tank that controls the depth of the drone underwater.

This kind of system has been used in making payload deliveries and for covert reconnaissance missions. When it resurfaces, it can transmit the data it has collected back to its home base.

Like any technology, it can be used for good or bad – however, the evolution of not only drones, but artificial intelligence is happening so fast that this story serves as a reminder to all of us to pay attention to evolving technology.  Who truly has out future in our hands?

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