1,000s protest new security law in Spain

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1,000s protest new security law in Spain

Thousands of protestors took the streets in several cities across Spain to protest a new security law aimed at limiting public protests.

Press TV reports: Protesters staged demonstrations on Saturday in a number of cities across Spain, with the largest turnouts in the capital Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao.

Rallies were also staged in the Spanish cities of Almeria, Granada and Valencia against the new legislation titled “Citizens Security Law.”

Demonstrators are angered by the new law, which imposes heavy fines for offenses such as unauthorized protests outside the parliament building or strategic installations as well as burning the national flag.

The controversial Citizen Security Law was approved last week by the lower house of the Spanish parliament. It has strongly criticized by opposition parties and human rights groups as an attempt by the conservative government to silence protests over its handling of the economic crisis.

The law has been dubbed the ‘ley mordaza’ or ‘gag law’ by opposition groups and the Spanish media, many of whom believe the law will curtail individual rights.

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