World Leader Set To Confirm Aliens Visit Earth By End of 2016

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A world leader is set to confirm the existence of aliens visiting Earth by the end of 2016

Bookies are slashing the odds on a world leader revealing that aliens have visited and continue to visit the Earth before the end of the year. 

President Obama and David Cameron are among the names that have been tipped to disclose the truth that aliens are walking among us. reports:

Activists are stepping up calls today for governments around the world to formally acknowledge that extra-terrestrials are engaging the human race.

World Disclosure Day is being held to raise awareness of the so-called Roswell incident 69 years ago and end the ‘truth embargo’, say organisers.

It is claimed an alien spaceship crashed on a remote ranch in New Mexico in the first week of July 1947.

The Roswell Army Air Force issued a press release saying the military had recovered the remains of “flying disc” which made front page news around the world.

But on July 8, General Roger Ramey announced at a press conference that the object was just a weather balloon, sparking claims of a cover-up.

Stephen Bassett, America’s only registered lobbyist on the UFO /ET issue, spoke at the Alien Cosmic Expo late last month: “World Disclosure Day is not a prediction that disclosure will happen on July 8.

“It is a designated day to draw focus on the issue. Think Earth Day.

“However, on the day the first nation comes forward to finally and formally acknowledge the alien presence, that date will then become World Disclosure Day historically recognising the most profound event in human history.”

The video was later uploaded to YouTube by Jo-Anne Eadie .

William Hill has now slashed the odds of a UK prime minister or US president announcing aliens are visiting the planet from 1000/1 to just 25/1.

It follows Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s pledge to “get to the bottom” of “unexplained aerial phenomena” if she is elected president. She also vowed to send a “task force” into Area 51 in Nevada where craft are said to be kept hidden away.

Bassett, executive director of Paradigm Research Group, worked with Earth Mystery News and is so convinced President Obama will disclosure before the end of the year, he has put his money where his mouth is by placing a 100/1 wager – dubbed the ‘Disclosure bet’ – which has a $30,000 payout.

And he believes the UK Prime Minister, which looks odds-on to be Theresa May, would back up the US commander in chief.

He added: “It is notable that not too many years back, similar wagers received odds of 1000 to 1 odds. The odds are much lower now.”

A William Hill spokesman said: “There has definitely been a decent number of bets in recent weeks but with the election around the corner we expect loads more.

“The last bet was 100/1 but we are now just 25/1 and will be offering maximum bets of £50.

“Over the years we have had many bets for aliens but this is the first time that we have been worried. If we are truly going to find out then this year’s American election looks like the catalyst.”

Paul Hellyer, a former deputy Prime Minister and ex-defence minister of Canada, spoke out at the First Canadian National Inquiry into UFOs last week, claiming that a ‘cabal’ of bankers, oil cartels, industrial corporations, the military and intelligence agencies were behind the cover-up.

He also believes an alien craft did crash at Roswell and the US and Canadian governments signed a deal not to tell the public about visitations.

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