Police investigate sale of Scottish referendum votes on eBay

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‘Police are investigating after it appears a number of people have attempted to sell their votes for the Scottish independence referendum online.

The listings appeared on eBay offering buyers the chance to own a ‘unique piece of Scottish history’ because, in the words of one seller: ‘I for one, do not give a flying monkey about any of this.’

eBay has subsequently removed the listings from the site and the Electoral Commission confirmed it was aware of the incident, STV reported.

A Glaswegian individual, using the moniker ‘chrisoc1987’ claimed he had sold their vote for £1.04, writing: “This is my very own unique piece of British History! It is my personal YES or NO VOTE for the upcoming Scottish Referendum in September.”

He continued: “This could be the deciding vote. Who knows? I am a hard working Scottish citizen with a house, a gorgeous wife and two beautiful kids who are my world.

“This vote will not change anything in our lives so I have decided not to vote my opinion but instead….. ONE OF YOURS! Happy Bidding” ‘

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