MH370: Search restarts as investigators consider 1,000 possible flight paths

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From The Independent “It has been six months since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 vanished over the Indian Ocean and yet the mystery endures. With 1,000 flight paths still to investigate, a new year-long search operation will be launched, according to the coordinating task force.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is facing an “intimidating” challenge as it prepares a fresh off-shore investigation for the missing aircraft that could cost up to £29.5 million.

Martin Dolan, ATSB’s chief commissioner, made no promises that the wreckage of MH370 would be found, and admitted that the situation is “unprecedented.”

He told the Telegraph: “I don’t want to raise the hopes of the families of the people who were lost in this accident and then dash them again. I don’t want to create a false hope.

The Australia-Malaysia search operation will begin on September 22 with the deployment of a vessel called Go Pheonix. It will use “next generation sonar synthetic aperture” equipment capable of producing high-quality images of the bottom of the ocean, according to Mr Dolan.

Meanwhile, the Mail Online reports that girlfriend of one of the passengers believes the investigation to find MH370 has been sabotaged:  “‘Something is being covered up” says Sara Bajc

‘I think that if the existing investigation team is left in charge … we may not ever find the plane. Because I believe there are active steps being taken to interfere with finding the plane,’ Sara told NBC News.

Bajc says she isn’t sure how much is being covered up, but knows something is being concealed.

‘Failure to release information – whether its obfuscation, you know, actually covering something up – or dishonesty… creating false evidence or just hiding something, right? We don’t know why or what is being covered up, but something is being covered up,’ she added.

Six months after her boyfriend went missing on Malaysia Airlines flight 370,  Sara Bajc is losing faith that the plane will ever be found – believing something in the investigation is being covered up.

Bajc and other family members of the missing passengers are demanding raw data on the disappearance be released for independent analysis, no longer trusting the Malaysian investigation.


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