Mia Farrow Defends ‘Ethical’ Hunter Biden

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Mia Farrow defends Hunter Biden

Far-left Hollywood actress Mia Farrow has defended Hunter Biden, claiming the former Vice President’s son is an accomplished and ethical businessman.

Farrow’s defence came after Thursday’s night presidential debate where POTUS laid out allegations of Biden family corruption and shady business dealings with Ukraine and China.

Farrow immediately defended the Biden Crime Family by unironically listing various prominent professional positions that Hunter has held over the course of his life.

“Hunter Biden is a graduate of Yale Law School. and worked at a major bank holding company where he rose to [the] rank of exec vice president,” Farrow gushed in a tweet.

“He also served in the United States Department of Commerce, focusing on e-commerce.”

Breitbart.com reports: A former business partner of Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski, corroborated what the emails on Hunter’s laptop suggest, that he and his father pursued a business venture with a Chinese company.

Farrow also attempted to defend Biden against suggestions from Trump that Biden had exaggerated his connection to the state of Pennsylvania, one of the key battlegrounds in the path to any electoral college victory.

“Joe lived in Scranton until he was 11. His dad suffered financial setbacks & the family lived with Biden’s maternal grandparents for a time,” she wrote. “When Biden’s father could not find steady work they moved to Wilmington, Delaware. Joe Sr. became a successful used car salesman.”

The 75-year-old actress is one of Hollywood’s most vicious critics of the president, often floating wild conspiracy theories about his behavior. Earlier this month, Farrow suggested that Trump may have been faking his diagnosis with the Chinese coronavirus as an excuse to pull out of the election and “while saving face” instead of losing to Biden.

In August, Farrow also compared the audience present for Trump’s speech at the White House to accept the Republican presidential nomination to the People’s Temple cult that committed mass suicide in Jonestown in 1978 because of the supposed lack of preventive measures against the pandemic.

“This crown, packed together abd [sic] no masks brings to mind Jonestown – an adoring cult waiting for Jim Jones to appear,” she wrote at the time.

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