Missouri Governor Declares State Of Emergency in Ferguson

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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon today announced a state of emergency in the town of Ferguson, according to multiple sources.  Nixon imposed a curfew and state of emergency in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, MO where a few days ago an african american teenier was shot and killed by a white officer.  Nixon acknowledged that most protestors were protesting peacefully, however there is a problem with looting and riots.

The shooting has caused a major uproar in not only the town of Ferguson, but across the nation and the globe.  18 year old Michael Brown was fatally shot after allegedly attempting to rob a store.  The problem is, the official story of what happened that fateful night changes almost daily.  While Nixon was making his announcement, he was repeatedly interrupted by protesters demanding justice and objecting the curfew.

Since the beginning of the tragedy, a militarized police presence has arrested, held, and generally bullied citizens who are outraged by the shooting.  In an unprecedented move, yesterday two journalists (one who writes for The Huffington Post and another for The Washington Post) were arrested at a McDonalds while charging their computers.  Police arrived in riot gear and arrested and held the reporters.

Earlier last week, a television crew was attacked with tear gas from police dressed in combat gear in an armored tank.  The Ferguson Police Department has come under scrutiny for firing rubber bullets and tear gas at protesters.  Many are asking where their rights are, and why the police are treating the protestors as terrorists and criminals.  The latest announcement from Governor Nixon has thus far caused more anger than peace.  YourNewsWire will be following this story closely.

Below you can find the announcement from Governor Nixon:

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