Moderna CEO: Covid Boosters May Need A ‘Double Dose’ To Protect Against Omicron

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Moderna covid boosters

The CEO of Moderna believes a “double” dose of the booster jab may be needed to provide the best protection against the ‘highly infectious’ Omicron variant.

Stephane Bancel said not only is the new strain overtaking Delta in South Africa at a faster rate than previously seen but he also believes that the current vaccines may be less effective against Omicron.

MSN reports: The new mutation – first identified by researchers in southern Africa – is believed to be already present in most countries.

Albert Bourla, chief executive of rival vaccine maker Pfizer/BioNTech said he was “very confident” the jab works against all known mutations of coronavirus, including Omicron.

However, he said his firm has already started making a new vaccine against the variant, adding: “Within 95 days basically we will have a new vaccine.”

Both stressed that more data is needed to fully understand whether B.1.1.529 is more contagious or resistant to vaccines.

Mr Bancel said: “Given the large number of mutations, it is highly possible that the efficacy of the vaccine, all of them, is going down. But we need to wait for the data to know if this is true, and how much is it going down.”

The high number of mutations on the protein spike the virus uses to infect human cells could mean existing vaccines need to be modified.

He said a higher dose booster jab would be the “first line of defence”.

“We’ve lowered the dose of a booster of a current vaccine, and so we have a lot of safety data showing that we could go back to a higher microgram dose at double the dose of a current vaccine, which should provide better protection than the third dose booster at 50 micrograms,” he said.

“So that’s the first line of defence, actionable right away.”


    • virus progressional science is close to the same accross the grid of viruses but the level and progression of the transmits is totally due to enterfacements stay at home when and if possible work at home if possible and zero tranmissions and the virus dies off.But we don`t seem to have the level of committment needed to wait the WTF virus out or they are just flucked up whittie SS drunkie Frattys who were programmed to think only people of color transmit viruses

  1. 95 %of the world dont need any jabs at all. Just jab those who want it or the frail aged or sickly who most likely will die soon anyway of one thing or another.

  2. one shot every six months would offer better protection over the long haul than a OD on antibodys to spike the levels of anti-bodys will damage the liver and cause a major drop in natural antibodys AFTER the fact.The WHO says covid will be around forever so spikeing will lead to a drop in antibodys sooner or later,later MAY be better but that is a totally known unprovible

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