Moderna’s COVID-19 Trial Volunteer Says Vaccine Left Him Sicker Than He Has Ever Been In Life

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A volunteer in Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine trial has revealed that it left him the sickest he has ever been in his life — but during his CNN interview he chose not to reveal the horror he suffered because he was wary about “triggering anti-vax” people.

Ian Haydon, 29, identified himself in a series of interviews as one of four volunteers who had adverse reactions during the trials that Moderna Therepeutics, which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,  hailed for “positive” early findings of antibody responses.

The Seattle-based communications manager admitted to STAT News that he started getting chills within hours of getting home from his second dose — waking in the early hours with a 103.2-degree fever.

NYPost report: He was already nauseous and had aching muscles, so his girlfriend called a 24-hour hotline set up by those leading the study, following their advice to go to urgent care, getting there at 5 a.m., he told STAT.

Haydon said he turned down an offer to be taken to a local hospital, and instead went home to rest with Tylenol.

After sleeping a few hours, he still had a temperature of 101.5 — feeling so nauseous, he threw up in the bathroom, he said.

He then fainted on his way back to the bedroom — with his girlfriend luckily on hand to stop his head from slamming into the floor, he said.

Calling doctors in the study a second time, he ultimately decided to stay home and rest, with the fever eventually dropping that night, he said.

Haydon initially hid the full drama of his reaction, having only told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he had a “rough go of things for 24 hours.

He was wary about revealing the horror he suffered because he was wary about “triggering anti-vax” people, he admitted in a series of tweets.

I understand that sharing the story, it’s going to be frightening to some people,” he told STAT News.

I hope that it doesn’t fuel any sort of general antagonism towards vaccines in general or towards even this vaccine.

He stressed that he had received the highest dose from the trials — one 10 times stronger than others — which he has been told “will no longer be tested.”

There’s no failure here — this is a big reason why we do clinical trials,” he insisted on Twitter. “Even safe meds can’t be taken at 10x doses.”

He also insisted that as sick as he was, it was never “life-threatening,” saying, “They’re over, and I’m back to marathon training.”

Even after his sickness, he said, he remains “cautiously optimistic” about a vaccine breakthrough from the trial.

Vaccines are the single most important medicines we have. It’s important to test them carefully — which is what’s happening here,” he wrote. “What I went through pales in comparison to being hospitalized with COVID-19. Or to the pain of losing a loved one to the pandemic,” he said.

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  1. What an iduot .And ge could due sometime over the next 10 years especially from any number of side effects that he wont even know were caused by the trial And they sure as hell won’t tell him .

  2. The human race is going to kill itself because there are too many people that are so brainwashed and hell bent on refusing to put on the sunglasses of the awakened, that they will insist on dying instead of looking outside of the box for alternatives. They have made big pharma their God and the Meat Puppet Parrots of the Fake News “Snakes Charmers” their Shamans and Priests. Those who give up their freedom for security have no common sense. Therefore they will die ignorant and they will take down the rest of us along with them. The only difference is that we will know that we were murdered and soul harvested and that they are accessories before the fact. Moreover they have made it abundantly clear that they feel the same way about us. Therefore I see intent written all over their ignorance. It never fails to amaze me how much they threaten human existence and freedom on this Planet with their smugness.

  3. God gave us a very good immune system. it is designed to get sick every once in a while. That which does not destroy you, only makes you stronger.
    If you live a sanitary life and feed your body what you are supposed to, it will perform for you for 120 years.
    If you return to a simpler diet void of processed sugar, and only first line food, you wont need vaccines. you really don’t need them anyway. The ones that inject directly into your blood are many issues. The flu vaccine, at minimum is just a waste of time on one swing to purely dangerous and risky on the other. made with heavy metals, pig, monkey, human fetus cells, it is even blasphemy on a spiritual side. Even if you are old, getting the flu shot is a slim to none chance it will help you. it is a scam.
    a healthy endocrine system is key to a good working body. the key component is Iodine. A largely forgotten mineral by medicine today. everyone assumes there is plenty in our diet. NOT TRUE. In 1980 the FDA allowed the food industry to replace potassium Iodide with the toxic sister potassium bromate in commercial flour. This flour would be illegal to sell and to be used in Europe and Australia. Also the use of Fluoride products is extremely harmful to the endocrine system. bromine and fluorine do not belong in the body, only iodine.

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