More mass graves unearthed in search for missing Mexican students

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More mass graves unearthed in search for missing Mexican students

A number of mass graves have been found in Mexico by civilian volunteers and NGOs during a search operation for the remains of the 43 students who went missing after protests in September.

RT reports: Information about the number of newly found mass graves varies, with Associated Press reporting 10 sites found on Sunday, in addition to at least 15 other mass graves discovered during the two-month operation.

Seven of the newly found graves contain human bones, while other sites consist of dirty clothing stained with blood.

The new graves were discovered at La Laguna, just west of Iguala, where police officers clashed with protesting students in September, shooting at several buses transporting protesters. The accident claimed the lives of three students and three civilians. The survivors were allegedly handed over to a local Guerreros Unidos (United Warriors) gang by the local police and nobody has seen the students since.

Forensic investigation at the gravesites is expected to be conducted by local authorities.

The students from the Ayotzinapa Teacher Training College went missing in the town of Iguala, in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, on September 26, following a protest to support the rights of rural teachers.

There are claims they were killed by members of the Guerreros Unidos gang, and their bodies were later incinerated to hinder any investigation. The mayor of Iguala has been named as the “possible mastermind” behind the abduction.

Allegedly, the mayor and his wife asked the gang for assistance because the protests interfered with their political campaign.

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