Mother Says Antidepressants Made Her Want To Kill Her Children

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A British mother says antidepressants made her fantasise about killing her children

A British mother has appeared on national television condemning antidepressants, saying that when she was prescribed them she began fantasising about killing her own children.

Katinka Blackford Newman appeared on ITV’s This Morning saying that the antidepressants prescribed by her doctor caused her to become aggressive, delusional and psychotic. reports:

What happened to her might only happen in one out of every 100 to 1,000 cases, but that’s far too many when an entire family’s well-being is at stake.

It all started when her marriage broke down and she had to sell her home. Sleepless nights drove her to a psychiatrist, who prescribed her an antidepressant even though she was asking for sleeping pills. She said the antidepressants put her into a trance of sorts, and she quickly became psychotic.

In just two days, she lost her ability to speak and believed that nothing mattered any more. It got so bad that she actually thought she killed her children and attacked herself with a knife. One can only imagine what her ex-husband thought when her children called him to say that something strange was happening to their mother.

The antidepressants caused Newman to experience the medical condition akathisia, which brings about severe agitation and an inability to sit still.

She said: “The feelings of suicide had come back. It went on for an entire year. I had totally lost my relationship with the children.”

“The end of that year, by luck my private insurance ran out. I went to an NHS hospital. They took me off all five pills I was on and after five weeks of excruciating cold turkey I was better.”

Raising awareness about antidepressant dangers

Newman has penned a book about her experience called The Pill that Steals Lives, which will be available worldwide this September. She says that the name of her book, while apt, has drawn a lot of questions from people who believe these medications save lives. Her answer to them is that while they do sometimes save lives, they also steal thousands of lives each year. She is hoping to raise awareness about the severe side effects that she and many others experience. She points out that drug companies have paid out billions to victims and courts have even ruled that antidepressants caused people to kill in some cases.

Antidepressant use linked to mass shootings

According to Newman, people with acute psychosis are prone hallucinations about guns, knives and dying. This could explain why so many perpetrators of school shootings and other mass shootings are later revealed to have been under the influence of antidepressants at the time of the incident. Is 1 in 100 or even 1,000 really an acceptable probability when it comes to causing people to hallucinate and potentially go on a shooting rampage?

People who are suffering from depression and want to avoid these dangerous medications have a number of options at their disposal. One common and highly effective treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy, or talk therapy. Some people find that exercising more takes the edge off by releasing feel-good endorphins, while others find solace in meditation and yoga. Diffusing essential oils like lavender in the room can help to lift your mood, and getting proper sleep and eating a healthy diet can also help.

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