MSNBC Reporter Left Speechless When Guest Says “Jeffrey Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” Live on Air

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MSNBC host stunned into silence after guest says Epstein didn't kill himself live on air

An MSNBC reporter was stunned into silence when one of her guests said “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” live on air during an interview.

On Saturday’s segment of “MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson” reporter Monica Alba interviewed several pro-Trump students, one of whom expected a “very positive reaction” for Trump’s attendance at the game that she said would probably include “either a standing ovation or at least a lot of cheering.”

Alba then turned to a nearby male student named Parker, who was wearing a pro-Trump button.

“Why do you like him so much and what policies stand out to you?” she asked.

“I would say mainly just the no-nonsense policies and especially since Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself,” the student said, unexpectedly.

“Turning back to Alabama, you guys want to tell me a little about the Senate race?” an awkward Alba immediately said, refusing to acknowledge Parker’s comment controversial comment.

WATCH: reports: Conspiracy theories about Epstein have abounded ever since the highly-connected financier and accused Pedophile was found dead in his prison cell in August.

Dr. Michael Baden, a forensic pathologist and former New York City medical examiner hired by the Epstein family, told “Fox & Friends” last month that “the evidence points toward homicide, not suicide.”

Last week, a former Navy SEAL snuck in a “Epstein didn’t kill himself” plug on Fox News’s “Watters World” during a segment about military dogs.

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