Mysterious Tweet Sparks Fears Edward Snowden Is Missing Or Dead

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Edward Snowden tweeted a cryptic 156 character code on Friday evening that was deleted minutes later, sparking fears the message was a 'dead man's switch' meaning Snowden is either dead or missing.

Edward Snowden tweeted a cryptic 64 character code on Friday evening that was deleted minutes later, sparking fears the message was a ‘dead man’s switch’ meaning Snowden is either dead or missing.

A dead man’s switch is a message set up to be automatically sent if the holder of the account does not perform a regular check-in. In Snowden’s case, his dead man’s switch would be the key to the encrypted files he distributed among journalists and associates.

Edward Snowden tweet

Snowden’s first release in 2013 sent shockwaves through the intelligence community and confirmed suspicions that many people had held about the NSA for years. However the information he released was a mere fraction of the data he held when he left the United States.

This data was disseminated in encrypted files to trusted journalists and associates. There is a network of people holding encrypted files containing information that was deemed too sensitive to release by Snowden.

Two days ago Snowden sent an equally cryptic tweet, addressed to his former NSA colleagues, with the message “It’s time.” It is understood with Friday’s 64 character tweet that he may have just released the key to the encrypted files.

Huge New Leak On The Horizon

If so it raises the question of whether he is still alive, as fears grow the 64 character code is a ‘dead man’s switch’ released in the event of his death or captivity.

A dead man’s switch ensures secrets do not go to the grave with the holder of the switch. Employing a switch is also a means of discouraging your assassination.

Julian Assange is known to have set up a similar dead man’s switch to ensure the survival of sensitive information in the event of his death. Wikileaks insurance files – encrypted files – were shared by Wikileaks with people around the world. If Assange dies unexpectedly, a key to the files will be shared and access made available to the insurance files.

Torrent Sites Taken Offline

Reports have surfaced that at least eight popular torrent sites used for distributing large files were immediately taken offline after Snowden’s tweet, suggesting the distribution of files is being suppressed, or at least slowed down, adding to the speculation that Snowden has been killed and the key to his sensitive insurance files has been released.

Until the former NSA contractor turned whistleblower tweets again – and we can verify that it is actually him tweeting – question marks will remain regarding his situation.

Either way, with the release of this 64 character code, coupled with Snowden’s “It’s time” message days earlier, be prepared for a major leak in the near future. The interesting times we are living in may get exponentially more interesting very soon.

UPDATE: Edward Snowden Still Missing, Huge Leak Imminent

Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept, a journalist who has worked extensively with Snowden in recent years, claims the whistleblower is “fine,” but has refused give any further information on his safety.

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Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Too many suspicious and sudden deaths during this election time. There’s hard evidence of #ElectionFraud via Election Justice USA 90+ page report, including in-depth analysis, statistics, exit polls, data, graphs, etc. 
    These people are fighting corruption on different fronts and the fact they show up dead where there’s a link to the Clintons/DNC/DWS is really fightening. 
    More distressing is the fact that corporate mainstream media is sweeping all these information under the rug, trying to keep us numb and ignorant of the distress our country is undergoing. 
    Hope Snowden is fine, I really do and appreciate his courage. He’s a hero.

    • I know….. for real. Everyone needs to listen to yours’ and mine warnings. Wake up Sheeple, the Illuminati are poisoning your brains with fluoride in the water and the only way you can combat it is to do what I do. First get some foil, then shape it into a bowl like shape. Turn it upside down and then wear it over your head. Please try it out everyone, you will instantly see the truth when the mind altering waves stop reaching your brain.

  2. The Clinton’s are laughing at us!  They wonder how someone as corrupt as them can get people to vote for them!  But they are laughing even more at how they are getting minorities to vote for them!  I am laughing  at it to because it blows my mind how stupid the educated can be!

  3. Perhaps the “It’s time” was him getting ready to send this tweet.  Who says he needs to be missing or dead to release the code?

  4. I guess the way this works would be the tweet “It’s time” would go out as the first dead man’s switch.  And if he still didn’t check in, that’s where a couple days later you have the decryption code?

  5. Any of y’all think to do a Google search for that string and others similar?  I know… its an image so you actually have to type it into a file somewhere.  I know.  You didn’t think we’d make it *that* easy for them, did you??

  6. He should have been given the Nobel Peace prize, not abandoned into exile by his own country… I do sincerely hope he is alive and safe..Our country should be ashamed of what happens to the brave people who become whistleblowers…As a nation, we need to heed these warnings instead of burying our heads in the sand.

    • A traitor for telling us something we already knew?  And it is hillary that is “putting all Americans in jeopardy”  The real treason, is knowingly allowing a criminal walk free and allow her to run for POTUS

  7. I saw a post about 10days ago that the CIA got him in Paris . Before I could finish reading it disappear !!!  Page could not be loaded pop up!!!!

    • Same thing happened to me. It is scary bro! When it happened to me though, I was watching a video and then BAM, my computer said I had a virus and I had to click on a link for the security check. When I did I ended up with a virus. The government has to stop doing this. Trying to keep me from my right to see two girls spank eachother while throwing up on one another.

  8. Code? Yes sure, is only a cheap publicity for the movie SNOWDEN release on next month on september 2016.

  9. I see Edward Snowden as an American hero who should be given the Nobel Peace Prize.  He saw lies and corruption in our government and it made him sick.  He must have agonized while deciding to release the information he has.  He knew it could well cost him his freedom, and perhaps even his life.  But he stepped up and did the right thing.  He exposed the filth, corruption and lies in Washington and Obama has wanted to get his hands on Snowden from the beginning.  Since Hillary Clinton seems to have had an inept hit squad that recently got busted, is it possible that Obama might have used the CIA – if indeed Snowden is dead?

  10. The code are two aligned and valid uuids:

    Could be a link to some documents in a system.

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