Nasty Nancy Ignores CDC: ‘All Members MUST Wear Masks on House Floor’

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Nancy Pelosi ignores CDC - tells all members to wear masks on the House floor

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced she will continue forcing House members to wear masks, even if they are vaccinated, despite the new CDC guidelines.

“No,” Pelosi barked. “Are they all vaccinated?” she retorted when asked if she would change the rule requiring masks on the floor. reports: However, 33 House Republicans signed a letter asking Pelosi to normalize voting procedures and return to maskless House requirements Thursday, the Daily Caller reported.

“Speaker Pelosi, In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance released on May 13, 2021 we urge you to immediately return to normal voting procedures and end mandatory mask requirements in the House of Representatives,” Rep. Bob Gibbs (R-OH) wrote in the letter.

The CDC decided Thursday to lifted mask mandates for fully vaccinated Americans. “Anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities large or small without wearing a mask or physical distancing,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky announced. “This is an exciting and powerful moment.”

But Walensky provided a caution to unvaccinated people, asserting they should continue masking and social distancing until they are fully vaccinated.

“You remain at risk of mild or severe illness, of death, or of spreading the disease to others,” she said. “You should still mask, and you should get vaccinated right away.”

President Joe Biden’s Twitter account spun a rule after the news Thursday to either “get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.”

The CDC also released a revised chart upon the new mask suggestions:


  1. Evil is as evil does Meanwhile 100 top.professionals including Lord Sumotom ,retired Supreme Court Judge ,medical drs and scientists are filing a class action to charge the UK government and WHO with total fraud and crimes against humanity fir the outrageous lie of covid And everything that cam with Lord Sumptom had states straight out ,its a fraud and others was NEVER any reason for any lockdown or any of the whole load of it .

  2. Nazi tyrants like Pelosi, and China Joe, hate, and ignore, the Nuremberg Code.

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