National Helath Service Tells White Brits To Be ‘Uncomfortable’ With Their ‘White Privilege’

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The National Health Service (NHS) has published a blog on its official website entitled “Dear white people in the UK” which lectures Brits about their “white privilege”

The blog actually says that white people should “be uncomfortable” about their “whiteness.”

Summit News reports: The article is written by Aishnine Benjamin, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lead at the Nursing and Midwifery Council (not a real job).

It orders white people to read numerous far-left screeds about intersectionality and why white people should feel guilty about the color of their skin while telling them to shut up and “listen…to what black and minority ethnic people are saying.”

“Don’t say ‘I’m not political’ to excuse yourself from this conversation,” the text barks. “Right now, ignorance isn’t an excuse. You can’t unsee what you have seen.”

That’s interesting given that all one can see in this article is outright racist hatred of white people thinly veiled in the garbled, quixotic rhetoric of social justice.

“Be uncomfortable,” the blog instructs white people, before asserting how “structurally racist systems” can only be properly understood by consuming numerous race-baiting books books, videos and podcasts about how bad white people are.

The article then stresses that all of these messages should also be pushed on children before telling people to support Operation Black Vote, a leftist NGO.

“Diversity isn’t a fun to have it’s a must have,” the article aggressively ends.

While it’s easy to dismiss the blog as a meaningless exercise in performative white guilt, the situation becomes more ominous when you understand that the NHS can now literally deny health care to people it considers to be “racist” or “homophobic.”

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