NBC Promotes ‘Pride Summer Camp’ for LGBT Kids and MAPs

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NBC promotes LGBT camp for children

NBC News has come under fire for promoting an LGBT summer camp for young children run by ‘Minor-Attracted Persons’ (MAPs) – more commonly known as pedophiles.

“Summer camp is a time for kids to make lifelong memories, right? That’s exactly what New York’s ‘New Country Pride Camp’ says that it does all while aiming to also be inclusive,” an NBC anchor proudly told viewers.

The co-anchor then added, “It is amazing. The camp website describes it as a welcoming community of LGBT+ young people and staff to create an experience where everyone is able to thrive.”

Infowars.com reports: NBC correspondent Steven Romo visited the camp and explained, “Parents and organizers agree that it is much-needed, a place where these kids can not just be tolerated but celebrated.”

Regarding the LGBT adults running the camp, Romo said, “They help show the kids the joy and connection of being in the queer community.”

The news segment provided footage of the actual camp, which showed children painting adults’ faces like drag queens and little boys putting on makeup.

People posting on X were upset with the idea of the LGBT summer camp.

Podcast host Graham Allen wrote, “Tell me again that they’re not coming after our kids!!!!”

“Why?” asked The Daily Caller.

The Marxist establishment has created a cult in the name of the LGBT community as a means to sexually pervert children across the globe.

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