Nevada Women Falls To Her Death From Cliff Edge In LA

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point fermin park

A 21-year-old Nevada woman has died on her first day in Los Angeles after falling off a cliff in Point Fermin Park in San Pedro.

The woman from Reno was found dead at the base of a cliff facing the Pacific ocean, after falling 100 feet onto rocks on Friday afternoon.

No foul play is suspected.

Friends she was with tried to help her from falling.

The 21-year-old had climbed a low security wall to take a photo near the edge of the slope when she lost her footing, wearing a pair of flip-flaps.

Police are treating the incident as an accident.

point fermin park reports:

CBSLA reports that Barrera was with friends when she climbed over a metre-high wall to get a better photo.

However before she could take the picture she tripped on her thongs and fell over the cliff.

It was Barrera’s first day in Los Angeles, having moved there from Reno, Nevada.

“These places are not that stable,” Andres Juarez, a local resident, told NBCLA. “You have to be careful wherever you go especially if you’re just trying to get a good view.”

“You can see that it’s a steep ledge,” said Ashley Guerra, a local resident. “It’s unfortunate.”

point fermin park

“It happens all the time over here, left and right, a lot of young people,” said Cecil Reynolds of San Pedro. “You see the railing here — tells you don’t go over and try to take pictures. A lot of people take chances — consequences ends up like this.”point fermin park

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