Never Trump Republicans Vow to Spend Big To Give Democrats the Senate Majority

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Never Trump super PAC the Lincoln Project and other anti-Trump Republicans have vowed to not only take down President Donald Trump, but also remove every Republican from the Senate, "with the exception of Mitt Romney", according to a report released on Saturday.

Never Trump super PAC the Lincoln Project and other anti-Trump Republicans have vowed to not only take down President Donald Trump, but also remove every Republican from the Senate, “with the exception of Mitt Romney“, according to a report released on Saturday.

Never Trump Republicans believe that sabotaging President Trump’s reelection is not enough, and that Senate Republicans must also pay the price for supporting the duly elected president.

Steve Schmidt, who works for the Never Trump Lincoln Project, said, “The analogy would be in the same way that fire purifies the forest, it needs to be burned to the ground and fundamentally repudiated. Every one of them should be voted out of office, with the exception of Mitt Romney.”

Breitbart report: To wage their war on the Republican Party, the Lincoln Project announced six-figure ad buys against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Sens. Joni Ernst (R-IA), Thom Tillis (R-NC), and Martha McSally (R-AZ). The latter three senators face competitive Senate races this November.

Breitbart News reported in June that the Lincoln Project endorsed Montana Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock’s bid to unseat incumbent Republican Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT).

“Bullock represents the best of America’s ideals,” John Weaver, one of the Lincoln Group’s cofounders, said. “He cares about his constituents and works every day to make sure their lives are better. The Lincoln Project is proud to support Steve Bullock and usher in a new era of decent, fair, and honest leadership.

Jennifer Horn, a former New Hampshire GOP chairwoman who advises the Lincoln Project, said that Senate Republicans had the “authority and the ability” challenge Trump, but chose not to.

The only way to make sure that Trumpism doesn’t continue to rule the Republican Party for years to come is to make sure that we defeat not only the president, but those people who have enabled him,” she added.

Former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), who launched a failed bid for president this cycle, said that he plans to announce his Bravery Project next week, which will target Republicans in battleground states such as Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Walsh said:

Trump has to lose and every Republican senator up for reelection has to lose because they’ve enabled. Do I want the Democrats to take control of the Senate? No. But I have no choice. To me, these Republicans like Martha McSally and Thom Tillis and Susan Collins have breached their office.

It means the Democrats will be in control of D.C. and they will try to push policies I disagree with. That will leave someone like me fighting against their policies. I don’t look forward to that, but that will be the necessary result.

Bill Kristol — a Never Trump neoconservative, former editor of the Weekly Standard, and adviser to the Republican Voters Against Trump — said that helping give the Democrats the Senate majority would be restrained by their own, more moderate members.

Life is full of imperfect choices. Even if Democrats have 52 senators, several are going to be John Hickenlooper, Mark Warner, Michael Bennet, who are pretty moderate Democrats,” Kristol said.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. First point ,if the dem8crats were democratic, and not drug dealing murdering m8bey laundering criminals trying to destroy Americas moral and rob her treasury ,indebted her Treasury, destroy her industries and involve her in wars then they eoylf be actively campaigning to restore the FOUNDATION STONE of TRUE DEMOCRACY being Common Law .They not only atent ,they ate keeping the fact it was stolen away a secret .They are actively keeping the people ignorant of the robbery and brazenly announcing that the Pope ,of all foreigners on earth ,is the moral authority for rule of law.! And theres only 1 billion catholics maximum on earth anyway and more like 2 billion protestants and other non Catholic Christians on the planet .So it s not at all democratic or even Constitutionally legal. !!! That’s the democrats now .And the anti trump Republicans will be of the exact same mould .Loyal to foreign interests.Jyst as if the Democrats win they will off shore all the jobs again asap ,and destroy america as fast as they can bringing in slave wages ,disguised as a living wage ,and universal healthcare ,being that which allows Drs only to keep them” fit for work ” or finish them off unless they’re useful as experiments in drug or other treatments .That’s them , all in together .Managing old mc Donald’s farm yard animals .Oh a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine ho done the medicine ho down zin the most de LIGHT ful way .Illuminati all the way.

  2. Theyre in such a panic to stop Trump restoring Americans independence and liberty after all their conniving and cunning subversion and subterfuge All those decades of brainwashing kids in school to think taxation evil privatisation good All the years of rebuilding images and mending bridges in order to conquer from within So many millions, billions spent on ,thankfully and fortuitously tax deductible, brainwashing and programming using hypnitucd ,psychedelics, music, movies, magazines and ” education ” And now Trumps overturning all their imperialism building in mere months.Imagube all the people seeing through their plots. Horror of all horrors .And so rheyve pulled out all the stops All the dogs begging for bones barking along, all the bankers and industrialists and la downing farmers and landlord, slum dwelling tyrants all greasing the wheels of setting up the 0.00001 per cent to own almost everything as the Communist government hiding in the shadows of their socialist show deceiving the people with stock markets and ” community services ” ,community nurse, cops,radio, newspaper, swimming hole ,totem pole and all the rest of their clap trap .No taxation means No representation Bo representation means no voice no power no democracy. Means back to the past globally under one imperialist plot well conceived and hatched behind the scenes under secrecy and darkness.

  3. This once great Republic is doomed to failure when President Trump leaves office, be it Jan. 2021 or Jan. 2025. There will never be anyone else that will fight as hard for the American people. After him the USA will go back to either RINO’s or Democraps in control that will reverse all the positive things he’s done for us.

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