New Alberta Premier Apologizes To Unvaxxed Canadians Who Fought Discrimination

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Alberta remier Danielle Smith

Alberta’s new Premier Danielle Smith has said that that she is deeply sorry to all the unvaccinated Canadians who fought discrimination during the pandemic.

She said she was working on a plan to pardon residents who were fined or arrested for breaking ‘covid protocols’ and apologized to all the unvaccinated Canadians who had to face “discrimination.”

Earlier last week, Smith also called on businesses in the province to end their covid vaccine requirements saying that she was working to make it illegal to discriminate against people based on vaccine status.

On Saturday Premier Danielle Smith, “I’m deeply sorry for anyone who was inappropriately subjected to discrimination as a result of their vaccine status….I am deeply sorry for any government employee that was fired from their job because of their vaccine status, and I welcome them back if they want to come back.”

Fox News reports: Smith’s comment marks the first time the leader of a Canadian province has apologized for discriminating against the unvaccinated, according to Rebel News.

Canada had some of the most stringent coronavirus mandates in the world, including making vaccinations mandatory in federally regulated workplaces, shutting down businesses for months, and arresting citizens if they were found violating lockdown protocols.

Smith delivered a speech at the United Conservative Party’s annual general meeting on Saturday and told the media after that she’s considering pardoning people who were arrested or fined for breaking lockdown orders.

“It was a political decision to throw out the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to put those fines in place in the first place, and I think it can be a political decision to make amends and apologize for it and eliminate them,” Smith said.

The newly minted Premier is also currently under attack and being labeled a consipiracy theroist for breaking ties with and refusing to associate with the WEF.

Smith said she was cancelling a “health consulting agreement” involving the WEF and revolving around Alberta’s covid response, because she “won’t work with a group that talks about controlling governments.

“I find it distasteful when billionaires brag about how much control they have over political leaders…. That is offensive … the people who should be directing government are the people who vote for themshe said.

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