New Holocaust memorial to be built in Britain

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New Holocaust memorial to be built in Britain

David Cameron announced that a major new holocaust memorial and an education centre are to be built in London to remember the six million Jews who were murdered in death camps.

The multi-million pound tribute was backed by all parties, and will go ahead whoever wins the general election in May.

The Mirror reports: Britain will also build a digital learning centre to teach youngsters about the worst genocide of the 20th Century.

Prince Charles added his voice to the 70th anniversary commemorations.

After he and Camilla met Holocaust survivors at a poignant service in London, he said the lessons of the Holocaust were universal because “the Jews in this story represent all of us”.

He also said the tragedy should “help us reflect”.

The announcement follows recommendations from the Holocaust Commission, setup to suggest how the UK should remember the victims of the genocide.

The UK’s current memorial is a little-known-about stone in Hyde Park, but the new tribute is set to be much more prominent.

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis said: “A fitting memorial and a state-of-the-art educational centre will ensure that Holocaust commemoration and education reach the widest possible audience.

“Only through learning about the darkest period in human history can we ensure it will not be repeated.”

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  1. GENOCIDE museums MUST be inclusive. ALL GENOCIDE MUSEUMS built in the world must include ALL known genocides NOT JUST THE HOLOCAUST. The Jews do not have an exclusive holocaust. Even those of Jewish descent committed genocide against Russian citizens just after the death of Czar Nicholas. What about Rwandan? What about Native Americans? What about Armenians? Americans MUST NOT GIVE ONE MORE DIME of American taxes or land for genocide museums unless they are inclusive.

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