Elon Musk: ‘Bill Gates Developing Evil AI To Destroy Civilization’

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Elon Musk warns Bill Gates' new AI wants to destroy civilization

Elon Musk has warned that Bill Gates is hellbent on creating a new “evil” form of artificial intelligence (AI) that will be tasked with destroying civilization as we know it.

A new Microsoft AI chip called “Maia” is set to be the backbone of the company’s AI infrastructure.

Maia will bring artificial generalized intelligence (AGI) to “every facet” of human life. AGI differs from the normal AI applications because it represents actual “intelligence” minus human inputs.

Naturalnews.com reports: “ChatGPT and MidJourney AI are cool, novel applications, but they only function within a specific domain – an AGI is more like the science fiction computers we have seen in the Terminator franchise,” explains Wlt Report.

It is probably because of billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates’ original ties to Microsoft that the company is now an easy target for Musk, who is attempting to court conservatives into believing that he is somehow any different from his competitors.

Is it just that Musk hates competition?

Musk these days claims to be all about liberty, and his view is that Microsoft’s Maia AI platform will be used to strip more of it from the people.

“Yikes!” is what Musk wrote in a tweet highlighting the $50 billion a year that Microsoft spends annually on data centers to support Maia and other similar types of projects.

“Microsoft has reimagined our infrastructure with an end-to-end systems approach to meet our customer’s unique AI and cloud needs,” stated Scott Guthrie, Vice President of the Cloud and AI Group at Microsoft, about the project.

“With the launch of our new AI Accelerator, Azure Maia, and cloud native CPU, Azure Cobalt, alongside our continued partnerships with silicon providers, we can now provide even more choice and performance.”

The two custom-designed chips and integrated systems that Microsoft Ignite has developed – the Microsoft Azure Maia AI Accelerator, optimized for AI tasks and generative AI; and the Microsoft Azure Cobalt CPU, an Arm-based processor designed to run general purpose compute workloads on the Microsoft Cloud – represent the future of Microsoft, according to a recent announcement.

“The chips represent a last puzzle piece for Microsoft to deliver infrastructure systems – which include everything from silicon choices, software and servers to racks and cooling systems – that have been designed from top to bottom and can be optimized with internal and customer workloads in mind,” the company says.

“The chips will start to roll out early next year to Microsoft’s datacenters, initially powering the company’s services such as Microsoft Copilot or Azure OpenAI Service.”

Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella says his company’s partnership with OpenAI is a big part of its “product roadmap,” and that the division’s new leadership, headed by Emmett Shear, as well as newly hired Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, will help to make Microsoft’s AI future a success.

“How much did Bill (Gates) have to put on the table to keep his world domination and depopulation dreams via AI alive?” asked Kim Dotcom in a skeptical tweet.

“My wife has a niece that works for Microsoft. She says that all of their office perks (drinks, snacks, lunches) have been removed, and unnecessary expenses including all but necessary executive travel has been curtailed,” a commenter on a story about all this added to the conversation.

“She wasn’t specific on details, just that every available resource is being pumped into AI efforts at Microsoft.”

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