Elon Musk Asks Why Won’t The DoJ Leak Epstein/Maxwell Client List: ‘Doesn’t That Seem Odd?’

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Wlon Musk

Elon Musk took to Twitter on Saturday asking why the Department of Justice hadn’t leaked the client list of deceased pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell.

The Tesla CEO said the DOJ, which was nototrious for its ‘leaks’ under former President Donald Trump, had been remarkably silent about the deceased pedophile.

In a tweet Musk shared a meme “Things I’ll Never See in My Life”, which included images of a dinosaur, a dragon, a unicorn, and the words “Epstein/Maxwell client list”

“Only thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking the list is that no one in the media cares…Doesn’t that seem odd?” he asked.

“Sometimes I think my list of enemies is too short, so,” Musk added in a subsequent tweet reminiscent of a cryptic message e he tweeted last month about “dying under mysterious circumstances”.

The Mail Online reports: The Justice Department came under scrutiny after it was revealed it conducted several leaks and borderline aggressive investigations on reporters and adversaries of then-President Trump.

During her trial last year, Ghislaine Maxwell turned down a deal offered by the prosecution that would have lessened her sentence in exchange for the names of those in Epstein’s sex trafficking network.

Maxwell maintained her innocence throughout the proceedings but was convicted in December. A bid to appeal the conviction was dismissed in May. 

Epstein’s ‘black book,’ first published by the defunct news site Gawker in 2015, included the names of several powerful and influential people, and a brief description of their relationship with the pedophile. 


  1. Because his address book contained the name Elizabeth and her phone number. Because “Nothing is what it seems” and anti semitism is rife in nazi communities.

    • Only Andrew knew he was going to.takevEpstein for a walk in the park English law made Virgin Guiffre legal age of consent. Andrew wouldn’t have thought, if he slept with her that he had broken any laws.

  2. Elvis was a HERO child rapist working for CBS he screwed more underage kids both male&female than anyone BUT HOWARD HAWKS& HIS wife whom formed FOX/CBS the casting bed was full of kids as was elvis`s dressing room and trailers

    • It all stems from England Pedophilia is an institution there and has been for centuries It’s how the recruit kids 8nto their class system and keep them there It’s most evident in the English navy with their usually 8vyearcild Captains cabin boy who would go 9n to become the officer class and end up Admirals. And in the boarding school system of Masters and pupils. They transfered it into their American colonies It’s main purpose now is to recruit kids into the drg trafficking networks and shut their mouths with blackmail.

  3. Pedophile HUMAN TRAFFICKING MUTI-millionare with govermentals and johhnys in his stash and pocket puppets

  4. Why was she hidding like dark shadows than running from estate to estate why didn`t she take down the dirt bagSS end like him so WTF she is done anyway why not play the hero if she is one?

  5. Now all the world has turned into the hollywood casting couch AND the internet killed the hollywood star years ago anyway

  6. The elites really are brainwashing us to trust and have confidence in Elon.

    Don’t fall for it, Elon is eyeballs deep in the NWO

      • As just about everything else about Elon, apart from the concept of reusable rockets, brazenly BORROWED without PERMISSION from Russia’s Energia and related projects – where else ..

        • No man is an island.

          Elon is smart and results oriented, but he did not anticipate the backlash from his proposal to purchase Twitter and turn it into a platform for free speech. I don’t think the deal will now go through even if he has to pay penalties

        • Elon is a pragmatist and gets things done. The world needs more people like him, rather than robbing bastard Wall Street goons.

          I disagree with forever patents and copyright laws as currently legislated, since they stymie progress in the industrial sphere.

          • The darker side of Elon, so to speak, is that he frequently gets involved with political games of the most unscrupulous kind since there is no other way known to him to cover up for his frequent “borrow without permission” schemes, which in legal terms amount to nothing less than straightforward theft. In my view, he doesn’t have to be like that. There are plenty of other, perfectly legal ways of pursuing genuine progress instead of resorting to never-ending scheming AND trading games of the most dubious nature imaginable.

  7. Please watch Shalom Girl’s videos on youtube. She babysat for Musk when he was a child and the whole family is nuts. Mae Musk is a witch. She named her son Elon becuase the name Elon means ‘God most high’ in the Bible. She literally thinks her son is God.

    Shalom Girl was so disturbed by the things she saw that she flat out asked if Elon is the antichrist. She was told no, but she was told that he would one day create the mark of the beast. Do NOT trust this guy.

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