Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Sequel To Feature Lesbian Activist Princess

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Disney's Frozen to feature lesbian princess

Disney has revealed that the sequel to “Frozen” will feature a lesbian activist Princess in response to bullying from left-wing LGBT lobbyists. 

After the #GiveElsaAGirlfriend hashtag went viral recently, Disney was forced to choose between caving into political pressure or face a huge backlash from leftist media.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: The move would not be unsettling for adults who don’t have children, as an animated film will have no impact on their view of the world, but for parents who have young children that idolize Disney princesses and characters, this move would be one that would create a rift among a major demographic of Disney’s fanbase.

One of the main and most cogent arguments in opposition to Elsa being a lesbian is the complexity of the topic of sexuality.

This character will force parents to have this conversation with their child, which leftists obviously think is an amazing thing. Most people shouldn’t have to explain sexual attraction, mores, and orientation to their six-year-old.

In 21st Century America, leftists don’t want kids to grow up with any kind of innocence.

Many liberals have argued that the stories of princes kissing unconscious princesses and beasts falling in love with women is just as equatable to a woman and a woman in love in a cartoon film, but as Dr. Jordan Peterson points out, those stories were based on fairytales with well-defined archetypical characters and moral narratives with deeper subtexts driving the narrative. Nothing is superfluous.

As the interviewer asked Peterson in his recent Time Magazine discussion, “Aren’t we allowed to make up new [fairytales]?” Peterson’s simple response says it all: “Not for political reasons.”

The child watching the next “Frozen” film should not have to turn to their parent with a confused look on their face and ask the question, “Why are the two girls kissing?” Not because it’s immoral for two women to kiss and not because love between two women is evil or a bad thing – it’s obviously the opposite – but there is a political message behind this and it’s inappropriate. Politics make a simple movie no longer a simple movie.

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