Nigel Farage: Traitor to Brexit?

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Nigel Farage has angered the British public with his comments that there should be a 2nd referendum that could see Brexit reversed.

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has angered the British public with his comments that there should be a 2nd referendum that could see Brexit reversed.

This week saw Nigel Farage’s support base among Brexiteers shaken to the core.

Widley heralded as the hero of Brexit, Farage shocked the United Kingdom on Thursday this week, when he said there could be a second EU referendum.

Farage presented this as “the way to shut the Remainer’s up forever” but Brexiteer’s were aghast. We had the EU Referendum in June 2016, the rules of the vote were clear, a simple majority for either Leave or Remain would decide the matter. Prime Minister at the time, David Cameron, and his government, were crystal clear on this: “The Government will implement what you decide”. This was stated directly in the government funded leaflet sent to all British homes, and also in speeches and statements, unarguable and explicit in this speech from Cameron, the leader of the Remain campaign.

On this basis, Brexiteers have always seen the vote as a decisive victory, and recognise no validity in the argument that the Referendum should in anyway be re-run.

Especially since media bias before the vote was a real distorting factor, as the establishment did all it could to game the result for “Remain”. First they sent the government leaflet, that was partisan and pro-Remain, at tax payer expense, to every home. Then they stuffed the TV coverage with Remain bias and set up ambush interviews on TV. And International organisations and politicians, such as the IMF, and President Obama, were used to pressure the British people to vote Remain. This assault of overt fear based propaganda  became known as “Project Fear”. The Getty Report last year confirmed how chronically the BBC was in the tank for Remain – and that was the most balanced channel!

Therefore, to hear Nigel Farage, of all people, say he believes there could be a second referendum, has been taken very much as a slap in the face for that hard-won Victory. Just a week before, Farage laid into pro-Remain greaser Lord Adonis, who had just quit his government position in a flounce demanding a 2nd Referendum. But now Farage has decided to surrender the argument to him?

Also concerning in this is that between slamming Adonis last weekend and admitting there may be a 2nd Referendum at the end of this week, Farage had a meeting with EU Chief Negotiator Michael Barnier. What did Barnier say to Farage? Has Farage got cold feet as he realises the EU intends to punish Britain hard for daring to break away and take back control of our own Nation?

Farage’s comment after the meeting was that “talks will continue to be difficult.

In the immediate aftermath of causing a national uproar by voicing support for the position of Brexit’s enemies, Farage appeared to back-track.  He seemed to be visible shocked at the response he provoked from his own base, and walked his comments back a little “not something I want to happen” “something I fear might happen”: and while this had not repaired that broken trust: such thing take time: there was at least a feeling that Farage had made a mistake being too reflective of Remain viewpoints.

This was dashed again last night: now Farage says that Brexit might be REVERSED.

In the course of one week, Farage has totally surrendered to the Remain talking points that a) there can a 2nd Referendum and b) Brexit can be reversed. He is therefore now singing from the opposite side of same hymn sheet as Tony Blair, Lord Adonis, Nick Clegg, Anna Soubry, Gina Miller, and all the other anti-democratic pro-elitist Remain mouthpieces. As Brexiteers read the news over bacon and eggs this morning, words like “horrified” and “aghast” are barely adequate.


Farage makes the same case both ways: that he’s “afraid” Remain is winning the talking points, that Leave doesn’t have a narrative in public discourse. And actually, other than Farage himself with his Talk Radio show on LBC, this is largely correct. But Brexiteers position on the sanctity of the vote we have had is absolute. Farage has given ground completely to the false arguments of Remain fanatics, who would say or do anything to keep Britain in the grip of Brussels.

Some think Farage is playing a clever game, to highlight the need for Brexiteers to kick it up. Others are far less sure.  Words like “sell-out” are being applied to Farage for the first time ever by people who never thought they would have cause to doubt him.

But is Farage correct? And whether he is or not, what do his statement mean for Brexiteers?

One of the reasons Brexit has struggled to have a voice is the collapse of Farage’s old party, UKIP. At the height of its power at the 2014 Euro Election where UKIP was the largest UK party elected to the European Parliament, the obsolete British First Past the Post system has kept UKIP out of Westminster. Before the EU referendum, Farage pretty much broke with UKIP and campaigned for a Leave vote with Aaron Banks and Leave EU. He wasn’t part of the official “Vote Leave” campaign run by the Tories. But he also damned UKIP as dominated by its National Executive Council, whose qualities as individuals Farage disparaged, calling them “total amateurs”.

However, Farage quit as UKIP leader immediately after the Brexit Vote. He did not stick around to sort out the structure of the party. And after a series of disastrous leader elections, UKIP has shrunk and shrunk again as people have abandoned the party and its dysfunctional messes, the latest being (current) Leader Henry Bolton. He was recommended by Farage, despite Bolton having previously worked for the EU, having a wife who had a major security job, currently with the EU, and coming to UKIP from the Liberal Democrats, a massively pro-EU party. Concerns about Bolton also exploded recently, as he left his wife and children for a blonde “model” half his age. UKIP members overwhelmingly were horrified at this disastrous lack of ethical standards, and the message that sent about Bolton’s own values. Now Bolton’s blonde squeeze, Jo Marney, gets expelled from UKIP for provocative racist tweet aimed at Megan Markle, Prince Harry’s bride-to-be. Astute media watchers recognise how much this looks like a sting job to finish bringing UKIP down. The only debate in UKIP supporter circles, is whether Bolton is in on it, or is just a total idiot. He has zero base and zero achievements.

Taking this into account, doesn’t Farage need to admit his own culpability for walking away from UKIP and letting it collapse?

Furthermore, shouldn’t Farage be attacking the Media for continuing to refuse to engage with Leave voters, their spokespeople, and their arguments? Instead of admitting the media fake news barrage to try to subvert democracy is “working” and bowing to their illegitimate demands?

It’s Nigel Farage who has the loudest voice to speak up for Brexit, and the largest audience with his LBC show.

Does he not realise, in his admission Remain may swing a 2nd referendum, that unlike summer 2016, the internet, Facebook, Twitter, the vital vehicles needed to engage in a fair and free national debate, have become incredibly hostile to any pro-nationalist voices, not just in the UK, but across the Western World?

Perhaps Farage would do far more good demanding that if there ever was a 2nd Referendum there would have to be:

a) Equal airtime for both sides strictly monitored and guaranteed

b) Equal funding for both sides with NO extra donors for either campaign

c) Independently monitored and verified guarantee that #shadowban techniques will not be used against Brexit campaigners.

The media is very vulnerable being so in-the-tank for trying to manipulate Britain to stay in the EU. Social media censorship and distortion has meant that messages have not reached the audience they otherwise would. People being shadow-banned have their material massively restricted while the MSM fear mongering rubbish is pumped max volume.

Nigel Farage could pay the price with this national reputation for flirting with undermining our Brexit Vote. While he has become the focus on media attention, left-wing pro Brexit Voices like Trade Unionists against the EU have been impossible to hear on Television

And yet, with the upper tier of British society stuffed with Europhiles who’ve been seduced with having it easy for 4 decades, we cannot discount the possibility that a pro-Remain parliament may yet find a way to wrangle a 2nd vote out of the anaemic Theresa May Government.

Brexiteers, with UKIP a mess with a quarter of its previous support, at best, and Farage going soft, face a hard challenge ahead. Their overwhelming majority view of a 2nd referendum is “no bloody way”, but the British establishment is notoriously slippery.

What Brexiteers must certainly do, is start making noise and point fingers now, at the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, Facebook and Twitter to make it clear funny games and debate rigging still going on needs to STOP and better not damn well occur if the establishment do wrangle a 2nd Referendum or else there are going to be MASSIVE “public relation” problems between the media and the British people.

The true spirit of the Brexiteer was never better expressed than by Brendan O’Neill, writing with his usual elegance in Spiked in praise of “The unflinching Brexiteer.”

And Nigel Farage needs to carefully consider: that a man who rises on the populist support of the people gets dropped off a cliff if he decides to urinate on those who made him who he is, and are all that hold him up.

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