Notorious ISIS Slave Dealer Captured Near Fallujah

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An ISIS child rapist who gained notoriety for being the group’s slave negotiator in Iraq has been captured on the outskirts of Fallujah by the Iraqi security forces.

The man was featured in a 2014 video from Mosul, showing him getting excited at the prospect of raping captured Yazidi women and other sex slaves.

The laughing jihadi was willing to exchange his pistol for a captured Iraqi woman or girl.

ISIS have enslaved and abused “hundreds, if not thousands” of Yazidi women and children, according to Amnesty International in 2014.

“I buy her for a pistol, unless she has blue eyes, then the price will be different.”

ISIS Tasnim News Agency reports:

Reports circulating in social media suggest that the Saudi national was captured by the Iraqi security forces during an operation to liberate Fallujah, the second largest city in Iraq’s western province of Anbar.

The terrorist had attracted media attention after appearing in a video footage showing him in Mosul, distributing female captives among the notorious group’s members.

The female civilians had been held captive by Daesh after fall of Mosul in northern Iraq in June 2014.ISIS

Iraqi forces have managed to liberate key areas in the Arab country from the occupation of Daesh over the past months with the most notable being Anbar’s provincial capital of Ramadi.

Preparations are underway for the recapture of Fallujah, which is the second largest city in the sprawling province of Anbar.

The militants blitzed vast areas in western Iraq in summer of 2014 months after they captured territories in the north. Iraqi officials have vowed that they would purge Daesh from Iraqi soil in 2016.ISIS
ISIS militants speak about taking Yazidi girls

Conflict Study YouTube video:

Amnesty International claimed in September that Isis, also know as the Islamic State, were enslaving and abusing “hundreds, if not thousands” of Yazidi women and children. However, it was only last month that Isis officially admitted to the practise in their English language magazine Dabiq.

Since then individual tales of extreme suffering and abuse have emerged from the war-soaked region, however, this is believed to be the first instance that footage of fighters discussing captured women as slaves has be seen and widely shared.

In the video the cameraman declares: “Today is the slave market day,” and informs the audience that each fighter will receive “his share”.
The men discuss how much each slave is worth, with one fighter claiming that he will pay more for a girl with “blue eyes” and another saying he wanted a 15-year-old girl with green eyes. One man wants to exchange a female slave for a Glock gun.

Although difficult to verify, from the men’s accents it is believed they originate from Saudi Arabia, and are discussing a market in Mosul, Iraq.As the camera travels around the room, the atmosphere is disconcertingly jubilant, one of the men repeatedly shouts: “Where is my Yazidi girl?”

At one point the video shows a young boy being asked if he wants a “Yazidi slave”. When he nods the older men surrounding him laughingly inquire: “Can you handle her?” In response the boy giggles.ISIS

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