Poll: Marine Le Pen Set To Win by LANDSLIDE As Public Reject ‘New World Order’

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Marine Le Pen set to win France presidential election by landslide as French people reject Macron's globalist agenda

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is set to win the next election by a massive landslide as millions of citizens in France rise up and reject Emmanuel Macron’s globalist agenda.

A year after Macron won a second term as president of France, triumphing over Marine Le Pen, it appears things are not going according to plan for the WEF Young Global Leader.

In 2017, Macron beat Le Pen 66.1% vs 33.9%

Summit.news reports: In 2022 (last April), Macron triumphed by a narrower margin (58.6% vs 41.5%)

And now, according to an Ifop poll for Paris Match published on Wednesdaywhen asked which of the two politicians they prefer, 47% of those interviewed picked Le Pen, while 42% chose Macron.

Le Pen was more popular among women, with 52% picking the two-time presidential runner-up, compared with 41% opting for the French leader.

Within the left-wing Nupes grouping, a majority of supporters of the Communist and France Unbowed parties prefer Le Pen, while backers of the Greens and Socialists favor Macron.

Since a series of nationwide strikes and protests against Macron’s plan to raise the minimum retirement age began in mid-January, Le Pen has adopted a discreet stance and fell short of urging her supporters to join the movement, saying they were free to make their own choice.

More than two-thirds of the French polled ‘disapprove’ of Macron…

In a separate poll of 1,002 adults on March 28-29 by Ifop for Paris Match, 58% said Le Pen understands their concerns and 57% that she’s attached to democratic values, while 52% consider her to be competent and 51% capable of reforming the country.

She has the stature of a president, according to 47% of those surveyed.

The next presidential election is in 2027, when Macron won’t be able to run because of term limits.

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