Ukrainian Refugees Must Get Covid Jabs Or Be Tested Every 48 Hours Says Italy’s PM

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Ukrainian refugees

Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi has announced that all Ukrainian refugees who want to enter Italy will either have to be vaccinated against covid or undergo tests every 48 hours.

More than 20,000 Ukrainian refugees have reportedly arrived in Italy since the Russian invasion and over 90 per cent are said to be women and children.

Breitbart reports: During a question period in the Italian parliament, Prime Minister Draghi spoke about the current situation regarding the new arrivals.

“All refugees who arrive either agree to take a swab every 48 hours or agree to get vaccinated,” Draghi told the parliament and said that he expected the number of Ukrainian refugees to increase as the conflict continues, newspaper Il Giornale reports.

Ukrainian refugees will also be able to enter the Italian labour market independently and in seasonal jobs and those in assistance centres will have access to various services including legal services and will be offered language courses.

Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa, has also called on Ukrainian refugees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, claiming that as many as a third of Ukrainians are not fully vaccinated.

“It is not a question related solely to Covid. Ukrainians are also poorly vaccinated for polio or measles. Sars-cov2 is just the tip of the iceberg,” Bassetti said and added, “Those who enter Italy become part of a community that has norms and obligations. If it applies to us, why should it not apply to refugees?”


  1. the virus has already mutated, and is no long like the virus the vaccine was designed for. This is about DNA alteration, to reduce you life span. don’t take it.

  2. No wonder you don’t see those who fled Italy ever wanting to go back.I know my people spent a year in Maples waiting to escape and never ate spaghetti ever again.

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