Emirates Flight From Dubai to NYC Diverts To UK, Declares Medical Emergency

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Emirates airline
Emirates airline

A Emirates airline flight flying originally from Dubai to NYC declared earlier that it was being diverted due to an emergency.

Recent reports from the airline state that a passenger was having a medical emergency.

Rather than landing in NYC as originally planned, the flight landed in Manchester and the passenger was immediately transported to a nearby hospital.

A report on the situation states:

An Emirates plane flying from Dubai to New York JFK has declared an emergency and diverted to Manchester, Britain. The aircraft is carrying a sick passenger, who is to be taken to hospital, media reported.

AirLive.net reports that the aircraft touched ground in Manchester at around 13:20GMT. Manchester has the third busiest airport in Britain after Heathrow and Gatwick.

The plane has a sick passenger on board, Flightradar24 reports, adding that he will be taken to hospital by ambulance. At the moment, the website lists the flight as delayed.

The Emirates Airline has diverted over 100 flights due to medical emergencies in two years; this cost more than $12 million, del Al-Redha, Emirates’ executive vice president and chief operating officer said.

“In 2013 and 2014, we diverted over 100 flights for medical emergencies, costing more than $12 million. Unplanned en route diversion of a flight has its own challenges and logistics, and in a number of cases extended delays are experienced,” he said.

He added that once the affected passenger ”has been accompanied off the aircraft for medical attention, the aircraft is usually refueled and en route to its original destination within one to two hours.”



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