NPR Forced To Correct Tweet Claiming ‘Limited’ Proof Trans Athletes Stronger Than Women

Fact checked

The media outlet NPR was forced to issue a correction (of sorts) after a tweet which claimed there’s limited evidence of trans athlete superiority in women’s sport, was fact-checked.

Following the World Athletics Council’s recent announcement about banning trans athletes from competing in female sports in the interests of fairness, NPR wrote:

“The international governing body for track and field will ban trans women athletes from elite women’s competitions, citing a priority for fairness over inclusion, despite limited scientific research involving elite trans athletes.

Elon Musk, the social-media platform’s owner, commented on the announcement thanking NPR “for correcting yourself.”

InfoWars reports: Adding a context bubble to NPR’s tweet, Twitter’s community notes fact-check collective noted several readers “added context they thought people to might want to know,” and proceeded to list studies proving “transgender females” outperform biological females.

Multiple studies on trans athletes (including elite athletes) have been conducted which show that they retain higher muscle mass, strength, and running speed than women.………

After embarrassingly being called out for their inherent bias, the federally-funded left-wing publication issued a tweet acknowledging testosterone importantly affects trans athlete performance, but then shamelessly doubled down on their previous claims.

Correction: An earlier tweet incorrectly stated there is limited scientific evidence of physical advantage. Existing research shows that higher levels of testosterone do impact athletic performance. But there’s limited research involving elite trans athletes in competition.

Again, Twitter Community Notes added context to NPR’s tweet from a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine and covered by NBC News that found trans “women” indeed held an athletic advantage over female counterparts.

NPR was brutally mocked on social media for their pathetic attempts to deny trans athlete dominance in female sports.