Nuclear War: Japan ‘Ready To Strike’ North Korea

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Japan are ready to go to war with North Korea

Japan are gearing up for a nuclear confrontation with North Korea in the wake of a ballistic missile test by Pyongyang. 

Legislators in Japan are calling for a ‘first strike’ policy against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), amid fears that North Korea could strike at any moment.

If bombers attacked us or warships bombarded us, we would fire back,” former defense minister Itsunori Onodera said during a Japanese committee meeting to discuss possible military action against North Korea. “Striking a country lobbing missiles at us is no different.” reports:

One of Pyongyang’s main lifelines and only ally among major powers, China, called on the DPRK to halt missile testing to
“defuse a looming crisis,” according to foreign minister Wang Yi in Beijing. Wang also recommended that South Korea and the US should end joint military drills. The US recently deployed a controversial missile defense system, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, in Seongju county, South Korea.

“China has missiles that can hit Japan, so any complaints it may have are not likely to garner much sympathy in the international community,” the former defense minister noted. Regarding the switch in posture from ‘self-defense’ to considering the adoption of a ‘strike first’ policy, Onodera said that, “technology has advanced and the nature of the conflict has changed.”

Fellow Liberal Democratic Party members echoed Onodera’s argument. “It is time we acquired the capability,” said Hiroshi Imazu, chairman of the party’s security council. “Without a deterrence, North Korea will see us as weak,” he said. Some options include deploying Japan’s F-35s, a US-built fifth-generation fighter jet. Japan has ordered 28 joint strike fighters, but their delivery may not come soon enough. Imazu expressed uncertainty over whether the nation’s deterrence force would consist of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, or F-35s.

For good measure, the US Marines have mobilized almost a dozen F-35Bs to a base in Japan some 40 km southwest of Hiroshima.

The growing North Korea threat has had leaders in Tokyo contemplating defense options, even if those discussions have not always been public. “We have already done the groundwork on how we could acquire a strike capability,” an anonymous official familiar with Japan’s defense planning told Reuters.


  1. The fact that Japan is so against the use of nuclear weapons, need you be reminded of WWII, this is such a bullshit article. Didn’t even waste my time reading it

  2. One would think that the Japanese would be the last people on the planet to want to have nukes used again.

  3. Oh forfuksake what a load of shit.. we will do this they will do that America will do this America will do that,,,,, BULLSHIT…none of them are going to do anything….. they are gutless..they have no balls…… the bad guys will eventually start attacking the good guys and they will be caught with their pants down….. right after Russia nukes the east coast of America… fucking boooring…… ffs you gutless mutts…have a fuking go…ffs
    DROP AFEWDOZEN FUCKING BOMS….. Ssheeesh pissants…..

  4. For what?… We do know that the politicians are bought or blackmailed to do the will of the real people in charge, the criminal shadow Government controlled by the Kazarian Mafia who should all be rounded up and executed.

    • Correction shadow government controlled by the likes of soreass Rockefellers and so on the “one world order”/ the UN / the Bilderbergers and so on democrat skull& bones ETC……

    • That’s why they hate Trump……. he can’t be bought thus he can’t be controlled by the powers that be.

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