Nuclear War Was Averted In 1999 By Clinton’s National Security Adviser

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Nuclear war

If you are reading this then consider yourself lucky that you are not living in a post apocalyptic world following a Nuclear war.

During 1999 a nuclear war was narrowly avoided between Pakistan and India thanks to Sandy Berger, the former national security adviser to President Bill Clinton.

Metro reports:

Ex-CIA analyst Bruce Riedel wrote an obituary of Sandy Berger, a former national security advisor to President Bill Clinton.

According to Riedel Mr Berger, who died on Wednesday, warned the then president that Pakistan was planning to use nuclear weapons against India during the Kargil War in 1999.

Clinton was due to meet Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif the morning of July 4 1999, however he was briefed by Berger before hand.

In Berger’s obituary Riedel wrote: ‘The morning of the Fourth, the CIA wrote in its top-secret Daily Brief that Pakistan was preparing its nuclear weapons for deployment and possible use. The intelligence was very compelling. The mood in the Oval Office was grim.

‘Berger urged Clinton to hear out Sharif, but to be firm.

‘Pakistan started this crisis and it must end it without any compensation. The president needed to make clear to the prime minster that only a Pakistani withdrawal could avert further escalation.’

The obituary goes on to claim that Sandy’s good relationship with President Clinton convinced him to demand Pakistan’s ‘climbdown’, bringing a peaceful resolution to the conflict, calling it Berger’s finest hour’.

‘It worked. Sharif agreed to pull back his troops. It later cost him his job: the army ousted him in a coup and he spent a decade in exile in Saudi Arabia. But the risk of a nuclear exchange in south Asia was averted,’ Riedel added.Nuclear war

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