NY Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Make Vaccines Mandatory

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New York lawmaker introduces bill to make vaccines mandatory

A New York lawmaker has introduced legislation that would make it mandatory for residents to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

State Assemblymember for Manhattan’s west side, Linda Rosenthal, says there has been a “concerning uptick in dangerous anti-science, anti-vax rhetoric.”

Fox 5 NY reports that Rosenthal has brought the bill, Assembly Bill A11179, that would allow the state’s Department of Health to mandate New Yorkers to get the COVID shot.

Summit.news reports: Rosenthal’s memo attached to the legislation states that “While steps have been taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19, epidemiologists and public health experts have concluded that a vaccine will be necessary to develop herd immunity and ultimately stop the spread of the disease.”

“[T]he State must make efforts to promote vaccination and ensure that a high enough percentage of the population is vaccinated against COVID-19 to develop sufficient immunity,” it continues.

The bill states that if public health officials are not seeing New Yorkers develop “sufficient immunity from COVID-19,” then the Department of Health would have the authority to “mandate vaccination” to anyone who can “safely receive the vaccine”

Rosenthal suggested that the level for ‘sufficient’ immunity would be 70% of the population voluntarily getting vaccinated, and if that doesn’t happen, then the authorities should institute a mandate.

“Then the state Department of Health would have the ability to say that more people have to get it,” Rosenthal said, adding “And they would set the rules and they would set the structure.”

According to the report, the bill allows for some medical exemptions to the vaccine with the relevant documents from doctors, should a mandate take effect.

Speaking to WGRZ-TV,  Rosenthal described mandatory vaccination as a “protective health measure.”

“It’s to ensure that our residents are safe and protected against further spread,” she proclaimed, adding “[T]he concept of herd immunity is very important, and not everyone will have to get the vaccination if a certain threshold of the population has gotten it.”

Rosenthal added that “As we get closer to the day when a lifesaving vaccine will finally be widely available to the American public, I am hearing a concerning uptick in dangerous anti-science, anti-vax rhetoric that has the potential to endanger our health, damage our economy and delay our return to normalcy.”

“If enough science deniers opt out of the voluntary vaccine process, we will not achieve the necessary level of community immunity, which will undermine the efficacy of our vaccination efforts statewide,” the lawmaker added.

She continued, “Obviously, our hope is that with robust education and outreach, the vast majority of New Yorkers will volunteer to get vaccinated. If not, my new legislation will ensure that we achieve a safe level of community protection.”

Imagine living under a system where if you question the safety of a medication, you are then FORCED to take it by the government. This is the dystopian hell being pushed by the likes of Rosenthal.

Rosenthal isn’t alone in her quest for mandatory vaccination in New York.

Last month, the New York State bar association passed a motion to make getting the Covid vaccination mandatory if its not taken voluntarily by a sufficient number of people.

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