Obama Admission: We Had Brokered A Deal In Ukraine

Fact checked

In an interview with CNN’s Obama acknowledged that the United States had “brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine”.

As Russia Today quite rightly asks: has Obama just admitted to the highest level of democratic impropriety imaginable?

Rt.com reports:

Obama told CNN’s Zakaria that Washington “had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine” following on the heels of the deadly “protests on Maidan and Yanukovich then fleeing.”

While Nuland’s colorful conversation one year ago told us everything we needed to know about Ukraine’s so-called democratic transition, it’s a completely different thing when the “deal” is admitted to by none other than the American president.

Washington power brokers, desensitized to the concept of brokering political “deals” due to their so-called democratic work in faraway war zones like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, are now employing the strategy inside of sovereign states that are experiencing internal discord.

The real tragedy of such a scenario is not that it is happening, but that the United States, and the Ukrainian people, it seems, believes that such a foreign invasion of pure opportunists on their territory constitutes democracy or will somehow lead to democracy.

But then again, the United States expected no less from the $5 billion, and a few cakes, it paid for Kiev’s allegiance. Now the Ukrainian people must dutifully follow that foreign-built road wherever it may lead them.

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