Obama Admits He Is Currently Serving His ‘Third Term’ In Resurfaced Video

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A newly surfaced video from 2020 features Barack Obama admitting he was actively seeking a “frontman” to serve as president while taking orders through an earpiece.

Obama’s vision of his “third term” has startled viewers in 2022 as it seems to describe the Biden administration in perfect detail, right down to the earpiece and piped lines.

After being asked by the interviewer if he ever thought about a “third term”, Obama replied:

You know what, if I could make an arrangement where I had a stand-in, a front man or a front woman and they had an earpiece in and I was just in my basement with my sweats looking through the stuff, and I could sort of deliver the lines, but somebody else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I would be fine with that.”

It is becoming clear that Obama hand-picked Biden and his equally inept sidekick Kamala Harris (as “front man” and “front woman”) to carry out his third term — just the way he envisioned it.

Ol’ Joe even has his BFF’s “earpiece in“, where Obama can “sort of deliver the lines” and run the country from his palatial beachfront mansion.

It’s clear, Obama set everything up just the way he wanted it. He is the puppet master behind Joe and Kamala. This means Biden’s disasters are Obama’s disasters.

Proof of this arrangement was confirmed when Biden and Obama recently appeared together, side-by-side on stage.

The world witnessed how the Democrat Party overtly acknowledged Obama as their real POTUS, while Biden was ignored and left alone to wander the stage aimlessly, searching in vain for someone —anyone — to simply acknowledge his presence.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. All of them are just weapons that Lucifer uses to do his bidding. They may look like they are in charge of whatever, but none of them have any free will. They just get the glory of the “ego” the total fraudulent identity, Lucifer and his money system=religion of Freemasonry gives them. In exchange, Lucifer calls all the shots. He is the master. They sold their souls for EGO, the doorway into narcissism, which is the doorway into total mental illness, which is synonymous with evil. They are all INSANE. They are complete psychopaths and dangerous to all life around them. These so called leaders, who are on their way to eternal Hell themselves, cannot lead anyone but to the same place they are all going after death=eternal Hell. The world is being controlled by control freaks who are controlled by the biggest control freak in existence, Lucifer. He is the exact opposite of God and Jesus, he is antichrist and anti-God, he thinks he is God. So all of these loony toons elite freemasons are as his puppets – totally controlled slaves, also drunk on power and have no conscience or any limit to the evil they can do. They are not looking for population reduction, that is a ruse. They are going to genocide everyone, first all animal life, everything that lives in the ocean and on land. They will kill all the children, then they will genocide any that is left. They don’t care about this earth or any living thing. They have their version of paradise and it is bloody Hell in the afterlife. Before you all die, you will see it manifest as life on earth. That is the bloody ritual the final one, ww3/Armageddon, that is coming. Nothing of God will be left alive here by whatever bloody means it takes, the bloodier the better for them. Only God gives us free will and love and peace and truth and joy. They who are of the devil and destrined for eternal Hell themselves, can only do one thing=think they are God force us to worship them as God with LIES and destroy all of us. That is satan’s end game on earth. Lucifer is living as a hive mind in all of our “leaders”. They are grandiose ego identities of Lucifer himself. You all gave him the power to do all that is coming. EXTINCTION of all life on earth. CERN, starvation, torture, bloodshed, poisons, bioweapons FEMA camps war NUKES, forced vaxxx, chips and implants, they tell you will help you but can only torture and kill you. Why not choose God and Heaven??? Because the devil is the people’s choice. He gets all the awards. You look to him for peace and security??? No one goes to Hell unless they put themselves there. You are all doing a good job of that. There is another option available. Planet Earth is the insane asylum of the galaxy, and the most insane are at the top of the pyramid of insanity pretending they are calling the shots, but are in truth, only slaves who sold their souls to Lucifer and do his bidding only.

  2. Article is accurate, title is NOT. Obama at the time stated he could go for that as a third term… He hasn’t admitted or confirmed that he is running the White House & pulling Bidens strings currently. That doesn’t stop us from referring to Biden as O’Biden, as their policies match, complete with handing over Afghanistan to radical Islamic terrorists… Obama gets his desired Islamic Caliphate off the ground that way, without a finger pointing at him to blame.

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