Obama Tells Public To Believe Everything on MSNBC: ‘They Don’t Make Stuff Up’

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The liberal mainstream media is trustworthy and the public should believe everything they say, according to former President Barack Obama, who said “they aren’t just going to make stuff up.”

Obama was commenting on the state of the modern media landscape during an appearance on Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett’s “Smartless” podcast.

“I would argue that actually they’ve got some legitimate points in the sense that, you know, there’s a side that doesn’t recognize conservative thought or isn’t respectful to some traditional values that they care about and so forth,” Obama, who appeared on the podcast with Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton, said.

“The difference though is, there’s a difference between facts and opinions. And the one thing that our side still pretty much sticks to is the facts. You may not agree with whatever’s in the New York Times or whatever’s on MSNBC, but generally they’re not going to just make stuff up.”

Obama appears to have conveniently forgotten the litany of lies, falsehoods and outright deceptions perpetrated by the liberal mainstream media in recent years.

Anyone remember the Russian collusion hoax that turned out to be entirely made up?

The liberal media ran with the Trump/Russia story for two years and then failed to issue a single apology or correction when it was completely debunked.

How about “Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation and we are not going to report on it”?

Or how about “two weeks to slow the spread”? Or “the vaccine will prevent infections”?

Obama ignored the sheer volume of dangerous misinformation spread by the New York Times and MSNBC about the COVID-19 “vaccine”, which should have resulted in the revocation of their broadcasting license.

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