Obama Upset At Online Abuse, Obsessively Searches For Negative Comments

Fact checked

Obama adviser David Axelrod has revealed how the president reads about comments posted about him online. 

Yahoo News reports:

“Look, every president says, ‘I never read that stuff,’ and no president is telling the truth when they say that,” Axelrod said. “It’s only human to be aware of what’s being written and said about you and to be less than happy when you feel like you’re not being treated fairly.”

Axelrod recently authored the book “Believer” wherein he shares many stories from his long career in politics including his time with Obama.

Obama’s “voracious” media diet and his dissatisfaction with negative coverage  was previously detailed in a 2012 Times article.

“A writer before he was a politician, Mr. Obama is a voracious consumer of news, reading newspapers and magazines on his iPad and in print and dipping into blogs and Twitter,” the story said. “He regularly gives aides detailed descriptions of articles that he liked, and he can be thin-skinned about those that he does not.”