#OccupyCNN: Bernie Supporters Protest Media Bias

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Occupy CNN Los Angeles Bernie Protest

Over 1000 Bernie Sanders Supporters gathered in Hollywood, Los Angeles outside of the CNN (dubbed “Clinton News Network”) building on Sunset Boulevard on Sunday, April 4, to protest the Bernie blackout in the media and the blatant pro-Clinton bias. The #OccupyCNN hashtag has since been trending worldwide.

This protest comes one week subsequent to Bernie Sanders’ landslide wins in the state primaries of Hawaii, Washington State, and Alaska on Western Saturday which CNN downplayed. Despite Bernie’s 6 major wins out of 7 contests in a row, he has been mostly ignored by CNN.

While the protest went on outside of their Los Angeles headquarters CNN chose not to report on it, instead choosing to broadcast reruns of a travel show.

CNN crowned establishment Hillary Rodham Clinton as the winner from the very beginning of the primary season, and continues to play her up despite anti-establishment Bernie Sanders’ rapidly growing popularity and many wins over Clinton as his message permeates the American political spectrum.

After CNN’s first Democratic primary debate, viewers voted Bernie the winner on CNN’s post-debate web poll. CNN slyly removed the poll from their website to declare Hillary as the winner.

It is no surprise, then, that Clinton News Network (CNN)’s parent company, Time Warner, is one of the largest campaign contributors to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign. See below:

Shillary Clinton
Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Top Campaign Contributors

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