Putin: European Elites Are Working To Prevent Brexit

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President Vladimir Putin has sent a warning to the people of the United Kingdom, telling them “the final battle for British sovereignty” is being fought right now.

President Vladimir Putin has sent a warning to the people of the United Kingdom, telling them that “Brexit will never happen” if left to the elites, and that the “the final battle for British sovereignty” is being fought right now.

The UK election resulted in a hung parliament and Putin explained that although Conservative PM Theresa May campaigned on a pro-Brexit platform, she relied on “fake enthusiasm” and had “more bad days than good” during the campaign.

The British people saw through her act and refused to rally behind her, according to Putin. The sad fact is that in 2017 Britain does not have leaders who are willing to stand up to the European elite and fight for the British people’s desire to reject the New World Order.

President Vladimir Putin said he fears that the United Kingdom “will never leave” the European Union because “Brexit was untenable for the powers that be.

The British people must fight for their rights now, right now,” Putin explained, “or else the elites will get them in a vice-like grip of which they will never be able to free themselves.

“It is now or never for them. They rejected the globalist vision, the European superstate, in favor of their national identity, their great history, their great culture. Now they need to force their leaders to respect them. Because, mark my words, their leaders are doing everything they can to betray them.”

Putin also warned that the gains made by the Labour Party in the election represent the start of a complete overhaul of the Brexit decision. Theresa May’s Conservative Party have lost their parliamentary majority and another election in the near future is highly likely.

Another swing towards the socialist Labour Party in the future will be the final nail in the coffin of the “Brexit dream”. The European elites will have recovered from the devastating loss of the United Kingdom from their New World Order project.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The people of Britain need to be strong and stop their traitors from stopping Brexit because their intent is to let the NWO take over and Britain will lose all of its culture and history and its beautiful country to the sick people of the world. What is going on now in England is being driven with intent to destroy the UK as it is today

  2. The hope is that Britain would succeed. However, Europe is hopelessly liberal, even to another level not seen in much of the far more moderate US, so there is always doubt if they’ll trade more of their freedoms and dignity away for more pot, a 6th “small meal”, and a slightly shorter workday.

  3. The sequence of events in Europe certainly are messy, if brexit is not the UK leaving the common market and free movement then it will be a betrayal of the British public that the voters will never forgive the conservative party for.

    • As a Brexiteer, I’m hoping the Genie is finally out of the bottle. We know the Government is trying to betray its people, but for the first time, we now know the perpetrator’s. Their betrayal will be their undoing!

  4. We don’t want you in America any more !!! Go home or we will kill you !!! http://ausertimes.blogspot.com.by/2017/05/we-dont-want-you-in-america-any-more-go.html

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    Human rights for non whites and genocide for you !!!

    Indisputable proofs of hard core white genocide conducted against white American and European Union citizens who dare to exercise their constitutional right known as FREE SPEECH !!!

    Public lynching or executions as seen here are exercised by ZIONISTS controlled United States of America with help of US owned United Nations, and corrupt European Union !!!

    European Union laws are designed to protect unlimited government criminality within EU territory against native white European population on behalf of US(as EU citizens don’t even have the right to file for basic protection in another EU member state from persecution when they endure one) and United Nations is financed(OWNED) almost entirely by United States of America !!!

  5. I think that all of you are totally wrong. The Brexit is a disaster for the UK! Why do you think that the UK would be stronger without the EU? What can you show to the world which is so unique that everybody in world wants it only from the UK – maybe good Whisky. You have a nice culture – I love that you have the Queen and that you love your own traditions – but this is not against the basics of the EU. What is the problem that a lot of people of the EU works in the UK? Do you think you will have more jobs in the future without the cheap workers from Poland and other Eastern European Countries? Maybe you will clean the toilets instead the EU workers – it might be – but for sure not for the same salary – there are much more examples. The argument that you can prevent terrorist to enter the UK is also nonsense because most of all attacks were done by people with Britsh Passports with Immigration roots. Guys, you are dreamers – it is and was a mistake to intend to leave the EU – there is no argument for it but a lot against the Brexit. Hope the UK people will wake up and will stop this political mistake which was only initiated to strengthen a political position. At the end all of them lost.

  6. Shame this article is pure fiction. Try finding this anywhere else (apart from usual YourNewsWire satellite blogs)
    Poison like this affects democracy directly. It needs to be stopped.

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