Canada Caught Harvesting the Blood and Organs of Babies For Elite VIPs

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The Trudeau regime is expanding the nation's "assisted suicide" laws to include babies, allowing doctors to euthanize young children for profit.

The Trudeau regime is expanding the nation’s “assisted suicide” laws to include babies, allowing doctors to euthanize young children for profit.

Canada’s diabolical Medical Assistance in Dying program, known as MAiD (pronounced “MADE”), was sold to the people as a humane way to end the lives of elderly people with no quality of life who no longer wish to be a burden.

But in reality, MAiD is a eugenics death cult designed to depopulate society of citizens who are more useful to the government dead than alive.

Klaus Schwab wasn’t joking when he said he had completely penetrated the Canadian government and the people of Canada were now under his control.

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Critics warn that an infant is not capable of making life and death decisions, meaning it cannot consent to “assisted dying,” as the Trudeau regime is claiming.

Young children want to live, eat, play, and be held by their parents.

They don’t want to be told they must die by ghouls like Dr. Louis Roy who is advising the state-sanctioned eugenics program.

When should babies die, according to the Canadian government? When they are suffering from existential suffering, or when they are very fragile.

Infants under one year cannot possibly choose to die or request medical assistance, so the name does not exactly suit the situation. Instead of “assistance in dying,” infants will be murdered for the convenience of the parents and doctors who no longer want to deal with problematic babies.

The globalists are committing state-sanctioned infanticide so the MAiD death cult can exploit the selling of children’s blood and organs to international VIP elites. Let us lay out the evidence for you.

Quebec’s College of Physicians proposal attempts to sound sensible by referring to babies who suffer from “unbearable pain,” with euthanasia approved by a doctor and consented to by both parents.

Will this safeguard protect infants from ill-considered euthanasia decisions?

Not necessarily. Consider Dr. Green, a MAiD enthusiast who has already euthanized over 300 Canadians, and she is not afraid to admit that she loves her job!

She is pictured below, holding an uncomfortable-looking infant:

A CTV News profile of Dr. Green published in April last year could not be any creepier:

When Medical Assistance in Dying, dubbed MAiD, became legal in Canada in 2016, Dr. Green was exhausted from 20 years of doing maternity work and was looking for a change.

So, she switched from beginning-of-life care to end-of-life care.

“One’s a delivery in. One’s a delivery out,” said Dr. Green. “They’re similar in terms of they’re both incredibly intimate moments. They’re milestones in someone’s life. They are intense.

Dr. Green has helped some 300 people die in the last five years and says she doesn’t feel burned out. Quite the opposite.

Dr. Stefanie Green found her calling and she is not feeling burned out – quite the opposite, in fact – and she admits to experiencing intense emotions administering euthanasia to her patients.

What are the chances that doctors such as Dr. Green, who love the intense emotions they experience while euthanazing people, would safeguard the lives of infants? You tell me.

The infants euthanized by the likes of Dr. Stefanie Green are not considered valuable enough to live. However, they do have valuable blood and organs that can be harvested by the WEF-infiltrated state and sold for huge profits on the international market.

The People’s Voice has spread the word about Ukraine’s prominent role in the international child organ and blood trafficking network, and Canada is now emerging as a major player.

A study published in the December 2022 issue of the American Journal of Transplantation found that Canada is leading the world in harvesting organs from those who were euthanized by the government.

While euthanasia is not a well-paying procedure, usually performed by enthusiastic doctors like Dr. Green, who love their job because of the intense emotions they experience when ending lives, organ transplantation is a thriving and big-money business benefiting doctors, surgeons, and hospitals.

A whistleblower who worked with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe revealed in a video interview that Ukrainian Nazi groups are harvesting the organs of children in basement labs that are being discovered after the buildings are destroyed by Russian strikes.

According to Vera Vayiman, who shared her testimony about what she personally witnessed during her time in Ukraine, the children are shipped out of the country under a grain export code. Warning: this is very disturbing information.

Russian soldiers have also reported finding evidence of the illegal export of children’s blood and organs for international VIPs.

According to the Kremlin, the Kiev regime has been earning hundreds of millions of dollars per year by raising children in degrading factory farm conditions and selling them to the highest bidder on the international market – no questions asked.

It is understood that most of the buyers are VIP pedophiles with elite connections.

As these children do not have identities or official papers they are a pedophile’s dream because, in a legal sense, they do not exist.

Just as Western mainstream media was complicit in its silence about Ukraine’s child factory farms, even attempting to dismiss the evidence as the latest “Russian disinformation campaign,” they are now running cover for the Trudeau regime, attempting to cover up the evidence that the state is murdering its own children for the benefit of the elite.

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