Outrage As Schools Push Transgender Materials On Children As Young As Three

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Pre School children

Parents are outraged afer watchdog group Parents Defending Education (PDE) warned that a school district in Minnesota is providing transgender and pride materials for children as young as three.

The group says that Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) has allowed two separate organisations, AMAZE and OutFront Minnesota, to push the materials in their schools.

InfoWars report: The PDE shared a document that shows books titled “When Aidan Became a Brother,” “I Love My Colorful Nails” and “My Princess Boy” being given to pre-schoolers.

The books are all about young boys and girls transitioning or having feeling that they are different to their biological gender.

The handout created by AMAZE, also contains suggested activities for children labelled “Social-Emotional Learning and Anti-Bias Education.”

A further handout advises teachers to “Ask Students for Name and Pronouns” and to “Refer students to the Name/Gender Change Request Form.”


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