Outraged Father Exposes Drag Queen Grooming Event In Ireland

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drag queen protest

Video from Ireland shows a furious Father crashing a guarded LGBTQ groomer event to expose drag queens reading allegedly sexual materials to children at a public library.

The footage, now gone viral, was taken by the father and shows him bowling past a nmber of LGBTQ supporters who were guarding the door to prevent entry into the event.

After he made it inside, the dad tells viewers: “This is a disgrace! Men dressed as prostitutes reading filth to children”

InfoWars reports: More LGBTQ supporters then swarmed around him unfurling umbrellas in his face in an attempt to prevent him from recording the event.

“What’s this all about lads? We can’t stand for this,” he said. “It’s not welcome in Ireland.”

Look what they have,” he said of the umbrellas blocking his view. “They’re protecting grooming going on in Tralee.”

If what these drag queens were doing was so appropriate and innocuous, why go to such lengths to hide it from the public?

That’s exactly the question many on social media had.

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