Palestine Will Be Free

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The historical land of Palestine had existed long before the Zionists took it over from the British. Prior to that the Ottoman Turks ruled over the Palestinians. They definitely weren’t ruling over Turks In Palestine. So how is it possible to allow Jewish migration into a land which is falsely claimed as empty, and ripe for occupation and settlement of Jews from across the globe.

The native Palestinians have forsaken nearly %80 of their land for peace with Israel, but for one reason or another the Zionist regime has got its own plan for further expansion through uncompromising prejudice towards the native Palestinians. The Canaanites as once they were called are at a loss as to what to do. Their women and children are harassed on a daily basis. Their physical and mental space is shrinking.
Dauda Mohammed Suru argues: “Raw resistance is almost always guaranteed to happen when political space is blocked.”
Maybe that is the intended purpose for the helpless Palestinians. They should all either become Zen Buddhists or leave their beautiful land for future European Jewish migration.

Modern Ghana reports: Palestine Will Be Free

When it comes to the issue of the State of Palestine, two things are clear. The argument that a land without people was occupied by people [Jews] without land is historically proven to be false. The other manifested truth is that the Zionist regime in Israel is never interested in a peaceful solution.

This statement has been made by Zionists leaders in their attempts to justify the oppression and occupation of the Palestinian. Certainly the claim that the Palestinian people were not present on their own land collapses whenever it is marched with the historical facts.

History has shown that the Canaanites lived in Palestine for many years. The Canaanites built houses in Palestine and one of the best evidence of that is the city of Jericho which is still standing in Palestine. Jericho was a city that was already in Palestine and Israel invaded it around 1948 and has since tried to change the features of the city.

The Ottoman Empire also colonized and ruled over Palestine for many years until the end of the First World War. Then the British also went to Palestine and ruled over Palestine.

So who were the people the British ruled over in the 1920s and why did the United Nations find it right to pass a Resolution asking for the return of the Palestinians to their land. History is a witness to the fact that the real people who have the right to Palestinian territory are the Palestinian people. Palestinians have the right to live there and build their land.

The Palestinians are the same Palestinian people of old who were occupied by the Ottoman as well as the British.

The second issue is about the manifestations that the Zionists regime does not have any affection for peaceful solutions. On a daily basis, the Zionists continue to demolish houses of innocent Palestinian people and arrest women and children not for any crime but simply because they are Palestinians.

Both Muslims and Christians are constantly been prevented from getting to their places of worship and with their propaganda, the Zionists always make efforts to put in the minds of ordinary Israeli hatred, hostility and racism towards the Palestinian people.

As a show of the love of the Palestinian people for peace, The murdered Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat chose to recognise Israel in 1988 and agreed that about 78% of historical Palestine could go to Israel but 22% should go to free independent Palestinian State that will live in peace side by side with the state of Israel even though the Palestinian people have the right to the whole of Palestine.

This 22% makes up the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Because the Zionists regime is based upon the logic of racism and lack of appreciation of other people, Palestinian people continue to lose more of their territories.

Raw resistance is almost always guaranteed to happen when political space is blocked.

The determination of the Palestinian people of their right to live in their own land and to own it is an ambition that cannot be shaken. The Palestinians should use all avenues to continue the resistance and to seek their self determinations.

Article By Dauda Mohammed, The Insight.

A quote by Norman Adu Bamfo from Modern Ghana:

“If you have it you do not own it, so own it and you shall have it.”

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