‘Pandemic Is A Long Way Far From Over’ WHO Chief Warns

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WHO chief

The global coronavirus pandemic isn’t over yet despite high vaccination rates in some countries, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) warned on Monday.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said “There is a huge disconnect growing where in some countries with the highest vaccination rates, there appears to be a mindset that the pandemic is over, while others are experiencing huge waves of infections”

He then warned that “The pandemic is a long way far from over….It will not be over anywhere until it’s over everywhere.”

His comments come just days after the CDC updated its public guidelines saying that fully vaccinated Americans could go now out without face masks in most places.

CNBC reports: In the United States, new Covid cases are on the decline as more Americans get vaccinated. As of Sunday, the nation is reporting about 33,200 daily new infections, based on a seven-day average of data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, down 19% from a week earlier. Roughly 123 million Americans are fully vaccinated, according to data compiled by the CDC.

Other countries are experiencing major outbreaks. India, for example, is reporting a seven-day average of about 328,900 cases a day as of Sunday, according to Hopkins’ data. That’s down 15% from a week ago but still an enormous number of cases. The country also reached a new record for fatalities, reporting a seven-day average of 4,039 deaths, according to Hopkins data.

Tedros said the agency has been responding to the surge in India and other hot spots around the world. He said the WHO needs immediate funding in order to sustain its technical and operational support to all countries, especially those most impacted by the pandemic.

“The current response plan is underfunded and the vast majority of that is ring-fenced by donors for specific countries or activities,” he said.


  1. the shots give you the anti-bodys for a while if they work on you 6-9 months than we need more anti-bodys again more shots and the geno of the covids still progress so we may never get in front of the new covid geno progressions just like the flu shots and many others.WE are all long haulers now we need you protect ourselfs and everyone we come into contact with.Japan has worn the masks many many times before.The trentino law of the 1600`s saved many lifes we will learn our lessens sooner or later?

    • Not true .CDCs own figures PROVE that they KNOW perfectly well that the recovery rate for unvaccinated children who ” test positive ” is 99.997 % ..And you can bet the 0.003 % who dont recover had pre existing conditions anyway .Rheir figures in UK she that only people over 91 years old died significantly and they werent fit and healthy either .THey were already ten years over the average age of death .

  2. We need to protect our selfs and everyone else who wants to make some die? anti-body testing is easy cost about 30$ we need anti-bodys or we get the covid or pass it on.We will always need the anti-bodys ake the shots until covid dies out?.I think it will get much stronger before that ever happens and will takes years and years

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